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post image USPTO To Host FTC & DOJ Speakers May 26th from

Yesterday, the USPTO announced that it will hold a workshop on promoting innovation.  The workshop will explore the affect of U.S patent policy and competition policy on innovation.

The morning session will include a ...

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post image Learn Practical Patent Analysis: A Case Study (Installment 3) from

Patent classifications are the original patent searching tools and remain among the most useful ways to categorize and index related prior art. Classifications, by definition, are groups of patent documents of similar subject matter. Several ...

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post image $20 million award to Versace: any details? from

News broke last week of a damages award of $US20 million to Italian fashion house Versace by a court in Los Angeles in a vast counterfeiting and trade mark case in the United States.

According ...

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post image Patent Grants Continue to Rise from

Two-weeks ago, I reported on the rising number of patent grants at the PTO. That trend has continued.  The chart below shows the average number of patents issued per week for January-May 11 2010.  In ...

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post image Something to w(h)ine about? from

One unhappy company today must be Spanish wine grower Abadía Retuerta, which probably feels that the whole of the rest of the world is wrong. Today, in Case T 237/08 Abadía Retuerta, SA v ...

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post image Job Creation 101: Unleash the Patent Office to Create Jobs from

Last week David Kappos, Undersecretary of Commerce and Director of the USPTO, told a packed room of people at the BIO International Convention that innovation produces high paying jobs and patents are a critical component ...

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post image DOJ, FTC & PTO to Hold Workshop on Promoting Innovation from

Workshop on May 26 to Explore the Intersection of Patent Policy and Competition Policy and its Implications for Promoting Innovation

James Madison Building, USPTO Campus

WASHINGTON (May 10, 2010) – The Department of Justice, the Federal ...

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post image Reducing Patent Pendency from

The Obama Administration has been trumpeting an unrealistic goal of 10 months to first Office Action and 20 months total pendency for patent applications.  This would be the real total pendency of patent applications, not ...

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post image Intellectual property tax havens: where's best? from

Another reader has asked this weblog, in general terms, which jurisdictions are regarded as the best tax havens for intellectual property portfolios. In particular, he wants to know, are there some countries which are good ...

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post image May Edition Of IP-Watch Monthly Reporter Now Available from

The Intellectual Property Watch Monthly Edition features top news on international IP policymaking, the latest on who is coming and going in the international IP community, news briefs and more. The May edition is now ...

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post image Extension of Copyright Terms in the Copyright Amendments from

EXTENSION OF COPYRIGHT TERMS: Photographs and Principal Directors

Those of you who have been following the proposed amendments to the Copyright Act would have noticed the extended copyright terms for photographs and principal directors, who ...

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post image Copyright levy on aircraft carriers "unfair", advises Advocate General from

The best part of two years ago, a Spanish court -- the Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona --lodged a reference with the Court of Justice of the European Union for a preliminary ruling in Case C-467/08 ...

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post image CJEU press release sinks Google's aircraft carrier from

The IPKat thanks his good friend Natalie Nathon for drawing his attention to this morning's press release on Advocate General Trstenjak's Opinion (discussed here) in Case C-467/08 Sociedad General de Autores y ...

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post image Wikipedia and the Federal Circuit from

The magnetic field around an infinite Halbach array of cube magnets

The website recently ran an article about the case of United States v. Bari, 09-1074-cr (2d. Cir March 22, 2010) in which ...

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post image IP Valuation Courses: some responses from

Last Friday, in "IP Valuation Courses: a reader asks ...", this weblog posted this request for information:
"A reader has emailed IP Finance to ask if it knows of any courses on intellectual property valuation that ...

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post image Source of Economic Growth from

What is the source of economic growth?  Trying times like these make this question even more important.  The chart on the left is particularly instructive about the sources of economic growth.  It defines what engineers ...

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Inventive step standard from

Tom Cordiner (from the Victorian Bar and a registered patent attorney) and Beth Webster (from IPRIA) are giving a seminar for IPRIA and IPTA on Raising the Inventive Step: A Look at the Issues:

Brisbane ...

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Decision in the German AdWords referral from

More AdWords ...! A quick lunch time post to let our readers know that the European Court of Justice's (CJ) decision in the German AdWord referral in " GmbH v BBY Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH", in ...

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Focus on firm growth from

In yesterday's posting, I mentioned that I preferred an economic development strategy focused on "grow-your-own" -- which usually, but not exclusively, means a focus on entrepreneurship. Over at Macroblog from the Atlanta Fed, John Robertson ...

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Traction for Tribe/Kagan matter? from

Within an article titled Right-wingers falsely accuse Kagan of covering up plagiarism at Harvard , one has the text:

Following panel inquiry, Kagan, Summers "firmly convinced" Tribe's "error was the product of inadvertence rather than ...

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Idea-stealing zombie satellite? from

from about Galaxy 15 :

What's confounding scientists is that even though the satellite is toast, it continues to operate at full power, but with nobody telling it what to do. Why on ...

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More on fast growth companies from

Apropos my earlier posting, here is a story from Saturday's Telegraph on how fast-growth entrepreneurial companies could help drive UK recovery:
In a report out today from the Ernst & Young ITEM Club - Entrepreneurs: powering ...

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Menell: Patent Authority of the International Trade Commission from

Berkeley Law School professor Peter Menell has published a new essay in the Patently-O Patent Law Journal that discusses the Section 337 authority of the International Trade Commission (ITC).

The ITC now conducts more full ...

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“Protecting and Leveraging Your Intellectual Property” – May 18th Falls Church Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting from

If you are local to the D.C. area, I hope you can attend next Tuesday as I present “Protecting and Leveraging Your Intellectual Property” at the Chamber’s Networking Luncheon on May 18. This ...

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The Okosun matter at Northeastern Illinois University from

Theophilus "T.Y." Okosun got his Ph.D. from Pacific Western University in Los Angeles (a now-defunct diploma mill), got tenure at Northeastern Illinois University (outside of Chicago), and now the Chicago Sun-Times and others ...

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New WHO Documents Show Results On IP, Innovation, Technology Transfer from

Three new documents from the World Health Organization programme on intellectual property and innovation obtained by Intellectual Property Watch provide new evidence on how technology transfer is working, analyse research prioritisation at the WHO, and ...

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The risks of exhibiting products at trade shows from

International Shoe appears in the personal jurisdiction case of Patent Rights Protection Group v. Video Gaming and Spec :

The “constitutional touchstone” of the due process inquiry “remains whether
the defendant purposefully established ‘minimum contacts’ in ...

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Generic Manufacturer Ordered to Produce "Distribution Strategy Information" for ANADA Products from

The court granted plaintiff's motion to compel the production of defendants' marketing and distribution strategy information for its ANADA products. "[Plaintiff] maintains that [defendant] has followed, what [plaintiff] believes is the general model for ...

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Concerning a shoulder-mounted harness for holding a percussion instrument from

In Randall May, a change in claim construction changes the outcome.

The words "common sense" appear:

However, in reviewing a district court's claim construction, this
court takes into account the views of the trial ...

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SpicyIP Tidbits: Indian Official Expresses Concern about ACTA from

Readers might recall a recent post on the potential impact of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement on developing countries. What was missing however, was any official communication from the Indian government on the issue, even after ...

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