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post image USPTO News: Patent Grants up 35% over 2009 from

In 2009, the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) issued 167,349 utility patents at an average rate of 3,218 per week. Since then, the PTO has significantly picked-up-the-pace.  The chart below shows the ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat: This 'n That from

Last week the AmeriKat was hanging on tenterhooks constantly refreshing the US Supreme Court page hoping that the decision in Bilski had finally been issued. Low and behold, a watched Supreme Court webpage doesn't ...

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post image Pelamis’s Wave Energy Converter and Marine Connection System Get Ocean Power to Shore from

Pelamis Wave Power (Pelamis) is an Edinburgh, UK company that makes a snake-like device for generating energy from ocean waves.  Pelamis recently announced that it has secured an order for its P2 Wave Energy Converter ...

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CBS still recycling from

CBS Sunday Morning on 2 May 2010 recycled not one but two stories from the CBS Nightly News on 1 May 2010, one on the Louisiana oil spill and one on the Arizona immigration law ...

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IPBiz from

In a comment on 29 April 2010 to his post USPTO Administrator Arti Rai Responds to Patent Docs Post on PTO White Paper, Kevin Noonan writes:

Hal Wegner earlier today cited Besson & Meurer's "evidence ...

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When a "first rater" copies a "second rater" from

Writing about the "is Bob Dylan a plagiarist?" discussion, Sean Wilentz of the Daily Beast (once home to plagiarist Gerald Posner) referred to Henry Timrod in the following way:

Three years later, when Dylan released ...

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Rolling Stones' music on Cold Case "Shattered" episode from

The season finale of Cold Case on 2 May 2010 involves two plotlines intertwined via some previously-unreleased Stones' tracks, including "Slave" at a pivotal point in both investigations.

In one of the plotlines, Jeffries goes ...

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Salinger v. Colting: Second Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction Citing eBay v. MercExchange from

Last summer J.D. Salinger sued the author/publisher of the book entitled “60 Years Later Coming Through the Rye” for copyright infringement. Salinger claimed that the book was a sequel to his famous book ...

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Where's Nutter? from

KYW3 has a story which includes text:

Lt. Frank Vanore of the Philadelphia Police tells Eyewitness News that the gunfire was the result of an argument between officers and three individuals on the 1800 block ...

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Unconventional views on what to include in a patent specification from

In my experience, as someone who drafts patent applications and also looks at those drafted by others, it's common practice when drafting a patent application to:
  • Avoid discussing the prior art.
  • Avoid discussing advantages ...

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Conference & CLE Calendar from

May 3-6, 2010 - 2010 BIO International Convention (Biotechnology Industry Organization) - Chicago, IL May 11, 2010 - Law Symposium on Intellectual Property (George Washington University Law School, Howrey LLP & Cornerstone Research) - Washington, DC May 18, 2010 - "The ...

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Orange Book Blog at BIO from

The 2010 BIO International Convention is in Chicago this week and Orange Book Blog will be there covering it all.  A few events I'm looking forward to in particular:

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