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post image Time to rescue Lammy's old speech writer? from

Press release IP/10/466, issued from Brussels, Europe [that's for the benefit of our transatlantic readers who may be more familiar with the Brusselses in Illinois, Wisconsin, Manitoba or Ontario] today announces the ...

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post image Patent ethics in court: a new title from

In many countries any sort of IP litigation is a specialist activity, but in large, sophisticated and litigation-aware jurisdictions like the United States each area of IP is a discrete field of expertise and even ...

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post image SEC Investigates Goldman Sachs Fraud from

The Gold Standard No More?

In a provocative IAM blog, Joff Wild asks will the Goldman Sachs brand be irreparably harmed from the SEC fraud investigation whether it secures a conviction or not? “Will Goldman ...

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post image Best logos: NHL Playoff Edition from

The NHL playoffs have begun.  Of the teams competing for the Stanley Cup, who has the best logo and brand?  The STANLEY CUP is a registered trademark, as is the image of the cup itself ...

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post image Intellectual Property Insurance: Changing the IP Litigation Landscape from

Whether for better or worse for the IP litigation landscape - depending on who you are and from what perspective you view the enforcement of intellectual property assets - the intellectual property insurance business model is catching ...

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post image Working at Think IP Strategy from

Working at Think IP Strategy is truly a unique experience and is unlike the typical setup of a consulting firm or law office environment.  First off, it is wonderful to be a part of a ...

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post image Attention Deficit from

6,919,373 is a drug patent that claims a treatment regime for folks with short attention spans. The claims specifically go "an ascending release rate over an extended period of time." A bench trial ...

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post image Patent Reality Check: The Hypocrisy of Duke University on Patents from

Almost two weeks ago, on Thursday, April 15, 2010, the Duke Institute for Genome Science & Policy issued a study that explained that it was their learned view that “exclusive licenses to gene patents… do more ...

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post image A big thank-you! from

Following the success of yesterday's seminar on "Brands and the Cost of Corporate Conscience", the IP Finance weblog team -- several of whose members were in attendance -- would like to offer their thanks to Marjolijn ...

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post image Are your classification searches incomplete? from

You may have heard that the US Patent and Trademark Office recently issued two classification orders that affect US classes 210, Liquid Purification or Separation, and 707, Data Processing: Database File Management or Data Structures ...

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post image Comparison of Current U.S. Inter Partes Reexamination Proceedings to Asian Practices from

Patent reform changes to the post grant landscape seem inevitable with S.515 gaining traction.  As such, a brief review of other patent systems may shed some light on the mixture of provisions that may ...

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post image Roche and Tarceva in Delhi HC again, this time vs. Natco from

F Hoffman La Roche, the Swiss-based drugs multinational, has re-entered the Delhi High Court in an infringement matter over the Tarceva patent. This time, Roche has sued Natco Pharma, and specifically, their anti-cancer drug sold ...

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Spicy IP Tidbit: WIPO celebrates World IP Day by unveiling New Logo from

On April 26, 2010, a day that marked the 10th anniversary of the World IP day as well as the 40th anniversary of the day the WIPO Convention had been entered into force ...

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That new WIPO logo from

As many of his readers may have noticed, while the Kats were at play yesterday, celebrating World Intellectual Property Day, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) unveiled its new logo. According to WIPO's press ...

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Cindy, Incidentally – The “Incidental Inclusion” Exception in Canadian Copyright Law from

Bob Tarantino is a lawyer in the Entertainment Law Group of Heenan Blaikie LLP. He holds graduate degrees in law from Osgoode Hall Law School and the University of Oxford. A filmmaker films an individual ...

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Shanzhai! from

from the Montreal Gazette on theChinese pavilion at Expo 2010:

The trouble started more than a week ago when Expo organizers were confronted with suspicions a high-profile promotional song advertising the World's Fair featuring ...

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Today's latest Community trade mark decisions: too hot for non-linguists! from

Please help the Kats. There are three fresh appeals against decisions of the OHIM Boards of Appeal concerning Community trade mark applications on the Curia website today. They all have pretty pictures but none is ...

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New book on corporate reporting from

For years, many have been making the case that corporations need to do a better job on financial reporting, including on intangibles. In part, the concern comes from the fact that company book value and ...

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Report: Patent Reform Passage Near in Senate from

IP Watchdog is reporting that Senate passage of the patent reform bill, S. 515, may be near.

He reported yesterday that an agreement has been reached between the chair and ranking member of the Senate ...

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US Announces 25 New IP Enforcement Positions from

Fifteen new Assistant US Attorneys and 20 new Special Agents at the US Federal Bureau of Investigation dedicated to combatting “domestic and international IP crimes” were announced yesterday. The new attorneys are a part of ...

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Biobank Governance, Privacy, and Informed Consent from

Trudo Lemmens is Associate Professor at the Faculties of Law and Medicine of the University of Toronto, and a member of the Joint Centre for Bioethics and the Centre for Ethics. Medical research is increasingly ...

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Inequitable Conduct from

Avid Identification Sys. v. Crystal Import Corp.
  • “What constitutes substantive involvement in the preparation or prosecution of the application, the issue on which this case turns, has not previously been addressed by this court. We ...

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BPAI Informative Opinion Underscores Different Validity Standards for Reexams from

Ex Parte Baxter International, Inc., No. 2009-006493 (18 March 2010) (informative opinion)

Baxter and Fresenius engaged in a hard-fought battle over patents relating to hemodialysis machines with touch screen user/machine interfaces.  During litigation, Fresenius ...

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EU-India Trade Talks Resume Under Cloud Of Concern For Public Health from

BRUSSELS - Negotiations on the EU-India free trade agreement continue tomorrow in Brussels amid warnings from nongovernmental organisations from India and Europe about possible negative consequences for the public health of poor citizens in India. But ...

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Indian Copyright Amendments: Making Bollywood Fairer? from

The copyright amendment bill is certain to prove the most significant IP development for India this year. We are therefore inviting guest posts from those of you who might be interested in blogging of specific ...

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Grounds for challenge of UK Comptrollers' Opinions remain narrow from

In Nationwide Filter Company v Berni Hambleton BL O/091/10 Nationwide, the owner of a UK patent (GB 2411367), sought a review of a Comptroller's Opinion in which the examiner considered its patent ...

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Pleading Asserting Inequitable Conduct Need Not Allege Non-Cumulativeness if Materiality is Otherwise Sufficiently Alleged from

The court denied in part plaintiffs' motion to dismiss defendants' inequitable conduct defenses for failing to plead that the undisclosed references were not cumulative. "Plaintiffs . . . Argue that the affirmative defense and counterclaim . . . Merit dismissal because ...

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CAFC: Bad Actor Makes Bad Inequitable Conduct Law from

Intent to deceive was admitted, if you can believe that, but as it turns out the prior art withheld, a prior sale, was not invalidating and would not have lead to an appropriate rejection by ...

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The Inequitable Equation from

The Federal Circuit is poised again to take up the issue of inequitable conduct—a defense against infringement claims based on the intentional withholding of information from the patent office during the prosecution of a ...

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Gizmodo computers snagged from

ComputerWorld reported officials from San Mateo County, CA grabbed six computers belonging to Jason Chen, an editor of Gizmodo and the guy who wrote the story on the "lost/found" iPhone prototype.

See ya...

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UPDATE to yesterday's post "Examiner's interpretation of a claim term should not conflict with the reference" from

A comment by a reader of yesterday's post prompted me to add my two cent commentary to yesterday's post. That post (here) discussed BPAI decisions which reined in an Examiner's unreasonably broad ...

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