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post image Debunking In Re Keller from

Thanks in large part to KSR, it has become harder to obtain a patent grant in recent years. It is one thing when an Examiner makes a ruling based on sound logic and reasoning to ...

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Not looking good for The Medicines Company; Angiomax from

TopNews reported on The Medicines Company:

On March 19, 2010, the United States Patent and Trademark Office once again ended up denying the firm's request to extend the life of the patent it currently ...

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F&R on patent reform 2010; S.515 from

Fish & Richardson has been maintaining a "patent reform" update. As of March 20, the last entry is that of March 4, which states:

A press release from Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Leahy confirmed agreement on ...

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ODOM’S TENNESSEE PRIDE SAUSAGE, INC. loses trademark appeal at CAFC from

Odom's had a problem getting all its issues lined up before the TTAB:

board’s procedures allow it to deem the pleadings to have been amended to include
unpled issues under certain circumstances ...

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Bob Park screws up in What's New on Global Technical from

Bob Park's 19 March 2010 WN has a discussion of fake drug detectors being bought by the Mexican government. Earlier, one had fake explosive detectors [look on YouTube for the ADE 651: British Security ...

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Ed Wallace on Sikes' Toyota Prius from

ED WALLACE, in a post titled How Toyota Can Hurt the Media said:

Moreover, the evidence didn't bear out Sikes' story when his car's braking system was examined. No, the wear patterns showed ...

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Judge Rader’s District Court Opinion from the E.D. Texas from

Judge Rader has been sitting by designation on several cases in the Eastern District of Texas.  The 271 Blog noted that Judge Rader’s written opinion in one of those cases, PA Advisors LLC v ...

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It’s Not Easy Being Green: Navigating the USPTO’s Green Tech Pilot Program from

It’s been three months since the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) launched the Green Technology Pilot Program, which allows patent applicants to petition for expedited examination for certain green tech inventions. Some ...

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iCopyright? iCopywrong? Whither fairness? from

While I was starting to write a post (to be put up soon) on the MPAA joining 7 Indian companies something very interesting caught my eye. I wanted to post a short excerpt from the ...

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