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post image Letter from AmeriKat I - Google AdWords saga takes a turn from

Last week the AmeriKat was on her way back from the City donning her apropos snazzy (pin)stripes , when instead of taking the normal route home she decided to take an entirely different route. Prowling ...

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Hatch-Waxman Boot Camp from

American Conference Institute (ACI) will be holding its Hatch-Waxman Boot Camp conference on May 24-25, 2010 in San Diego, CA. ACI faculty will help attendees: • Understand the interplay of the PTO and FDA in the ...

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Webinar on Obviousness after KSR from

Strafford will be offering a webinar entitled "Obviousness Standard for Patents Post-KSR: Strategies to Withstand USPTO Obviousness Rejections and Attacks on Patent Validity" on April 14, 2010 from 1:00 - 2:30 PM (EST). Ronald ...

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Texas Forum Shopping – Europe has its Share as well from

Part of any smart patent litigation strategy is to seek the right venue. This is true for Europe as well as for the US. Among practitioners it is known that Texas is a preferred venue ...

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UCalgary prof accused of plagiarism, financial misconduct from

Back in 2003, there was a post from the University of Alberta titled Researchers generate electricity from tap water describing work done by Daniel Kwok, with the post including patent implications:

The environmental benefit of ...

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Carlson says "Scrap the patent reform bill" from

In an opinion piece in the NLJ, patent attorney Dale Carlson presents arguments for scrapping the current proposals on patent reform.

Oddly, the strongest push for dropping the current version of S.515 may not ...

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Berkowitz on problems in academia from

The text

Fashionable ideas, the convenience of professors, and the bureaucratic structures of academic life combine to encourage students and faculty alike to defend arguments for which they lack vital information. They pretend to knowledge ...

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What happens when your iPad needs a battery? from

PC World writes:

If you're one of the folks (or as others have said, "idiots") who have already decided to hand over a few Benjamins for an iPad pre-order, chances are you haven't ...

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The Importance of Having A Web Presence from

A website is a fairly inexpensive business tool that serves a purpose for both the business and its audience. Whether you are a small business owner, inventor, entrepreneur, artist, author, musician, band, doctor or veterinary ...

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CAFC tosses Metabolite appeal to CA10 from

The CAFC noted:

Because the present cause of
action does not arise under federal patent law nor does Metabolite’s right to relief
necessarily depend on resolution of a substantial question of federal patent law ...

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CAFC affirms SD Fl in Delaware Valley Floral from

On Rule 30(e):

At least one circuit, however, has determined that a party cannot create an
issue of fact by amending his deposition under Rule 30(e). See Hambleton Bros.
Lumber Co. v. Balkin ...

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