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post image Letter from AmeriKat II: Bits 'n Bobs from

Open Source Software Targeted by IIPA - The annual Special 301 Report, a report compiled by the US Trade Representative (USTR) that reviews foreign IP laws, consists of a watch list of countries that do not ...

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post image INTA’s Annual Meeting from

The International Trademark Association is a non-profit membership association. It consists of 5900 trademark owners, professionals and academics, from more than 190 countries. It is dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related ...

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post image Venture Capital; Up or Down? (And What about IP?) from

"Venture Capital"-- The words (and their anthropomorphic derivative,"the VC") are virtuously synonymous with start-ups, entrepreneurship,and innovation. According to the common wisdom, the US has done well because of its VCs, Europe less so ...

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We're Moving.... from

PATracer is moving over to Wordpress at BlueHost. The new digs offer more flexibility, customization, and access to various server and shell commands and operations. Along with the move are some new features we’ve ...

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SpicyIP Tidbits:Bayer Patent Linkage from

Updating our readers more on the Bayer patent linkage case ,the Supreme Court on February 26,has refused to stay a Delhi High Court Order ,dated February 10. The said Order had rejected Bayer's ...

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Patent Law Professors on the Move from

Every year March-Madness hits a handful of law professors as they lateral to other law schools. This year is no different. Moves: Josh Sarnoff is moving from American University to De Paul. Professor Sarnoff has ...

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Rin v. Tide I: Analysis of the Controversy from

In my last post, I had discussed in brief the recent advertisement for Hindustan Unilever’s detergent brand "Rin", in which a rival brand "Tide" figures prominently. Quite a few comments to that post referred ...

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Patents Can Be False Friends from

A recent decision of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, Forest Group, Inc. v. Bon Tool Co., appears to have inspired a new wave of litigation over false marking—that is, labeling products as patented ...

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What a Soon to be Patent Agent Learned from Googling Himself from

"Patrick Walsh" was a little too broad; I limited it to "Patrick Walsh patent," to see if anything of interest popped up more specific to my career as a professional patent searcher. What I found ...

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False Marking and Patent Reform from

Marking Products as Patented: Many manufacturers mark their products as patented by listing the associated patent number on the product or its packaging. The marking serves as constructive notice to potential infringers -- allowing a patentee ...

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Arguments guaranteed to lose: "non-analogous art" in the context of anticipation from

If you're addressing an anticipation rejection, there is absolutely no point in arguing that the reference isn't analogous art. Case law clearly says that "non-analogous art" is a legally irrelevant doctrine for an ...

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