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26th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar from

The Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Associations will be holding their 26th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar on April 29, 2010 in New York, NY. The seminar will consist of ...

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USPTO Announces Agenda for Next BCP Customer Partnership Meeting from

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has announced the agenda for the next biotechnology/chemical/pharmaceutical (BCP) customer partnership meeting to be held on March 2, 2010. The proposed agenda is as follows: Morning ...

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Scope of Section 15 from

In 2 earlier posts, I had discussed the Delhi High Court’s judgment on maintainability of pre-grant decision appeals before the IPAB. In those 2 posts, the focal point was to underline the fact that ...

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Supporting innovative proposals at CIRM? from

CIRM is considering new rules on submission of "supplemental" material to support a grant application to CIRM:

CIRM is interested in providing, when appropriate, an allowance to applicants to submit critical new information that becomes ...

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Is defense against a patent infringement claim covered by my insurance policy? from

When a claim is asserted against a corporate entity, one of the first questions that the company should ask is whether the claim is covered by its insurance policy. When the claim is one for ...

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Making hay out of power law distributions from

Gregory Mone at AOLNews discusses a paper published in the 19 Feb 2010 issue of Science by Albert-László Barabási and co-workers about analysis of data from 50,000 anonymous cell phone users to make predictions ...

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Chronic and pervasive bias by global warming advocates? from

David Henderson, former head of the OECD economics and statistics department, criticizes a possible pre-commitment on the part of IPCC, which might be perceived from the fallout of ClimateGate:

The glaring defects in the expert ...

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