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post image Friday fantasies from

Friday comes round again, with IPKat team member Jeremy still in Nice, where the MARQUES winter meetings (on which see the Class 46 posts for yesterday and today) has now come to an end. Jeremy ...

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post image Floored from

"Pergo and Alloc are direct competitors in the field of laminate flooring. Pergo owns the 6,421,970 and 6,397,547 patents, which relate to mechanical joints that enable flooring panels to be joined ...

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post image Patent Litigation Weekly: Inside Google's first patent trial from

This week: the software giant's hard-nosed strategy for dealing with patent-holding plaintiffs gets put to the test—and proves successful. Late last month, Google won its first patent infringement lawsuit to go to a ...

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post image The EQE 'Pre-Exam' - want to have a go? from

It's nearly that time of the year again for those wishing to become qualified European patent attorneys.  The 2010 exams will be held on 2-4 March in various places across Europe.  The IPKat wishes ...

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PhRMA Representative Questions Follow-on Biologics Paper from

By Donald Zuhn -- In a letter to the editor published in this week's edition of The New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. David Wheadon, Senior Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of ...

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Ariad v. Eli Lilly: Written Description Requirement from

My recent study of BPAI written description requirement jurisprudence was prompted by reading the US Government Brief in the en banc case of Ariad v. Eli Lilly. In the brief, the government indicated its continued ...

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Claims Containing "Control Means" Element were Indefinite for Failing to Disclose "Steps of an Algorithm Executed by the Microprocessor" from

Defendants' motion for partial summary judgment of invalidity for indefiniteness was granted in part as to claims containing the term "control means." "[I]f the specification merely states a computer or microprocessor performs the claimed ...

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Johns Hopkins approach to diagnosing breast/colon cancer from

Roy Winslow writes in the WSJ of work by the group of Victor Velculescu of Johns Hopkins that appeared in Science Translational Medicine on 18 Feb 2010 on a new approach in screening for cancer ...

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The downside of using a tax preparer from

KYW-TV (channel 3; CBS) in Philadelphia broadcast on February 18, 2010 a cautionary tale of the downside of using a tax preparer entitled

Tax return nightmare

In passing, it may give a more frightening view ...

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G 2/08 (Dosage Regimes) decision is now out from

The IPKat has just learned that the EPO Enlarged Board have announced their decision in G 2/08, which relates to the question of whether a new dosage regime can result in a European patent ...

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How to Improve the Performance of M&A: Determine Whether the Target Really Provides Durable Competitive Advantage from

Recently, I was asked to speak to a Georgia Tech MBA class about IP Strategy–specifically about the inter-play of IP in M&A.; A significant portion of my talk addressed how poorly existing due ...

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Internship Opportunities at FICCI's IPR Division from

The IPR Division of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is inviting applications for internships from law students.

Apart from serving as a platform for continuous interaction between the industries and ...

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Economic Development in Brasilia: Many Lessons for Government Officials from

Below are two recent Pixetell presentations where I share some recent learnings about the exciting economic experiment that has been underway in the small Federal District of Brasilia, a region with 2.6 million people ...

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Submarine Patents Alive and Well: Tivo Patents DVR Scheduling from

Submarine patents are not ever likely going to be the problem that they once were prior to the publication of patent applications at 18 months and prior to the change in patent term. On June ...

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Are Millennials at the forefront of plagiarism? from

Sara Libby writes in the CSMonitor that the "Hegemann view" of intellectual property could reflect that of an entire generation:

“There’s no such thing as originality anyway, just authenticity,” Hegemann said in a statement ...

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A Tale of Two Districts from

Earlier this month, we wrote about the spate of Federal Circuit decisions regarding the circumstances under which a court in one district should transfer a patent case to another district that is more convenient to ...

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EPO: Dosage Regime Patentable Even If It is The Only Novel Feature from

The therapeutic use of that substance cannot be patented because that use is a method of treatment of a human or animal body by surgery, therapy or diagnosis which is practiced on that human or ...

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Patent Litigation Study from

The Patent litigation study provides an overview and analysis of trends in patent litigation. The Study also addresses issues regarding companies’ patent positions, protection and enforcement strategies, and litigation tactics. 2009 Patent litigation study The ...

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