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post image Friday fantasies from

As sure as Saturday follows Friday, the weekly reminder to check the Forthcoming Events list in the IPKat's sidebar follows the point at which intellectual creativity among the Kats' community gives way to end-of-week ...

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post image Friday frivolity: Beyonce's pirated bikini from

In what has to be one of the more bizarre copyright disputes, the underwear manufacturer Triumph sued Sony because Beyoncé was wearing copyright infringing underwear in her music video "Video Phone". Seriously.

The design in ...

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post image No real progress from

The current issue of Informa's 10-times-a-year Patent World magazine has an article, "Another False Dawn" by Alan Johnson (Bristows), which will do little to cheer up those desperate souls who daily scour the entrails ...

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post image The North Face versus The South Butt from

In late 2009, The North Face sued its mocking upstart rival The South Butt for trademark infringement and dilution. South Butt is owned and run by a University of Missouri student James Winkelmann who, according ...

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BIO Sends Letter on SACGHS Report to HHS Secretary Sebelius from

By Donald Zuhn -- Last week, the Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health and Society (SACGHS) issued its long-awaited report on gene patents. While the report, entitled "Gene Patents and Licensing Practices and Their Impact ...

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Australian ISPs are not required to disconnect users for infringement from

Billy Barnes is a JD candidate at the University of Toronto. Last week, the Federal Court of Australia published a highly anticipated judgment in Roadshow Films v. iiNet. iiNet is an Australian ISP accused of ...

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Year Ahead: Reforming Global IP Systems - Trends In A2K In 2010 from

Ensuring public access to knowledge while supporting intellectual property rights cuts across broad areas such as internet availability, public health, education and culture, climate change, and basic technical standards. And while the non-profit movement that ...

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On Gerald Posner and "accidental plagiarism" from

Gerald Posner, author of the Kennedy assassination book "Case Closed," announced his resignation from the Daily Beast following plagiarism charges (concerning a story on the Novacks in Miami) leveled by a post on Slate. Breitbart ...

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Device Component May "Receive" Data From Itself from

The court rejected defendants' argument that a claim element construed to require "receipt" of certain data could not receive such data from itself. "[Defendants] argue that 'where one element . . . must receive data from another element ...

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General Electric sues Mitsubishi over wind power technology from

Concerning a dispute between General Electric and Mitsubishi over wind power, in January 2010, the International Trade Commission issued a ruling of no violation which overturned an earlier finding by an ITC administrative law judge ...

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"To prove we knew what we were talking about" from

A comment to the Breitbart post Author quits Daily Beast after plagiarism claims stated:

I really don't know since I am not in the journalism business. But I did several research papers and projects ...

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Biologic Innovator's Lost Profits Won't Necessarily Translate Into Lower Costs for Consumers from

In our recent article on follow-on biologic legislation, David Adelman and I make the somewhat counterintuitive argument that the loss in profits experienced by a biologics innovator due to market entry by a follow-on competitor ...

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Federal Circuit Again Reins in Damages Award from

The following is excerpted from a February 11, 2010 Morgan Lewis Intellectual Property Lawflash: Last fall, in its decision in Lucent v. Gateway, the Federal Circuit vacated a $357 million verdict, signaling to litigants and ...

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Cyber-insurance? What’s Cyber-insurance? from

On Wednesday, an article on (link HERE) discussed a term that many of us had not heard before - "cyber-insurance." The concept seems to make sense - when you are at a potential risk of ...

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BPAI’s Snowmageddon Decision on Inherency and Claiming a New Benefit of an Old Process from

In its only decision of yesterday’s Snowmaggedon, the BPAI affirmed a Patent Examiner’s anticipation rejection, citing the Applicant’s attempt to claim a new benefit of an old process. Ex parte Satoshi Matsubara ...

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New US IP Task Force To Combat IP “Crimes” from

A new United States Department of Justice task force casts enforcement against IP violations as a matter of public protection, and will be dedicated to opposing these IP “crimes.” “The rise in intellectual property crime ...

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General Electric Sues Mitsubishi Over Wind Energy Patents from

GE asserts that the Mitsubishi 2.4MW wind turbine is an example of an infringing product. The 2.4 MW wind turbine is a large-size wind turbine with a 2.4 megawatt rated output. According ...

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Broadening Federal Circuit Jurisprudence: Moving Beyond Federal Circuit Patent Cases from

Download my five-page essay that forms the newest entry in the Patently-O Patent Law Journal: Broadening Federal Circuit Jurisprudence: Moving Beyond Federal Circuit Patent Cases, 2010 Patently-O Patent Law Journal 19 (2010). The essay is ...

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Working Through Snowmageddon from

It is probably safe to say this week did not turn out like anyone had originally planned.  In my case, a solid slate of meetings each day either turned into conference calls or were postponed ...

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Pruning Priority to Prolong the Patent from

"The examiner is utterly confused about the lineage of this application..." Thus begins the intriguing prosecution history of a patent that issued on Tuesday. (Yes, even three feet of snow and the PTO being shut ...

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