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post image The long tail and IP Strategy from

Given the choice and enough people then just about everything will be chosen at least once.  Unparalled choice has created almost an almost unlimited number of niches of varying sizes - not just blockbuster products. 

Figure ...

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post image And On The 15th Day It Was Too Late from

2010-1143 Juniper Networks v. GraphOn Corp. ED/VA 09-cv-287 Judge Gerald Bruce Lee Defendants GraphOn et al appeal from the order of Judge Gerald Bruce Lee striking their motion for attorneys' fees under § 285 for ...

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post image Copyright struggle about "Mein Kampf" from

Some of our readers may recall the IPKat's reports on the Zeitungszeugen case which concerned a copyright battle between the Bavarian State government and a British publisher relating to the re-publication of historical Nazi ...

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post image Sabam v Tiscali goes to the ECJ on ISP filtering from

The IPKat has heard from a discreet informant (he used to say he heard it from a little bird, but nowadays that makes some folk assume it was a Tweet) that there is a new ...

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post image "I do declare ..." from

Florida patent lawyer Mark Terry, in an article on his blog yesterday entitled "When Can a Patent-Related Letter Spawn a Declaratory Judgment Action?", touched on a topic of some sensitivity in the United States: what ...

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Debating Gene Patents - Round Four from

By Donald Zuhn -- In January, the gene patenting debate returned to National Public Radio when WBUR's "On Point" became the fourth NPR program to tackle the issue since last May, when a group of ...

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Knowledge Access Blooms In The Desert: Egypt’s Fragile Stake In IP from

CAIRO - The launch this week on the new campus of American University in Cairo of a new centre and a new book on access to knowledge in Egypt offered a view on the complexities of ...

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Intent to Deceive Inferred When Plaintiff Adds Element to Patent Claims to Overcome Rejection but Fails to Disclose Prior Art Containing that Element from

Defendant was entitled to summary judgment on its inequitable conduct claim where plaintiff (i) amended its claims to overcome a rejection by adding a claim element, (ii) failed to disclose the most relevant prior art ...

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Need a Job? USPTO is Hiring Patent Examiners from

If you have recently visited the USPTO’s website and searched for anything patent-related, you already know that the USPTO is looking to hire several patent examiners. From the USPTO’s Patents webpage (link HERE ...

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Welcoming Eyes on IP to the Blogosphere from

The Eyes on IP blog was launched on January 26, 2010 by Peter J. Brann, Stacy O. Stitham and David Swetnam-Burland, litigation attorneys with Brann & Isaacson: Copyright, trademark, and patent law come with their own ...

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National Exports Initiative from

In the State of the Union, President Obama pledge to "double our exports over the next five years." A week ago, Commerce Secretary Locke announced the details of the National Exports Initiative. The trade data ...

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Federal Circuit Jurisprudence: Moving Beyond Federal Circuit Patent Cases from

By Dennis Crouch After the Federal Circuit's 2006 en banc decision in DSU Medical, charges of inducing patent infringement were thought to require that the accused infringer have actual knowledge of the asserted patent ...

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USPTO Remains Closed For February 11, 2010 from

By Sarah Fendrick -- As a result of two recent blizzards in Washington DC, the city broke a record for annual snowfall on Wednesday that had stood for more than 120 years. The old record of ...

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Patentee's Failure to Cite Prior Art Leads to Inequitable Conduct on Summary Judgment from

Sabasta v. Buckaroos, Inc., No. 4:06-cv-180 (S.D. Iowa, February 3, 2010)

Sabasta sued Buckaroos on a patent relating to roll-bending dies used to make saddles for pipe insulation.   Just prior to filing the ...

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