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post image The Super Bowl and the Changing Nature of Brand Advertisements from

As most Americans probably know, the most viewed sporting event in the U.S. of the year took place on Sunday. We are of course speaking of the Super Bowl, the finals of the National ...

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post image Patent4U Patentics found to be not patentable from

The IPKat was puzzled and intrigued by a recent decision from the UK IPO (O/021/10).  The decision relates to UK patent application GB0716959.2 (published as GB2453318), filed in the names of Marc ...

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post image Why the Hawk from

A friend and client, India born, was telling me about the different prior art search firms he had used. "The Indians are cheap, and you get what you pay for. They find something and they ...

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post image Lack of industrial applicability: Neutrokine-α again from

In August 2008 Mr Justice Kitchin delivered a mega-judgment in Eli Lilly & Co v Human Genome Sciences Inc, [2008] EWHC 1903 (Pat) on patent validity. HGS owned a patent that disclosed the nucleotide and amino ...

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post image Nay Patent Linkages: Bayer v. UOI upheld by the Division Bench of Delhi HC from

I had previously posted (click here for the post) on the judgment of the single judge of the Delhi High Court in relation to Bayer Corporation’s attempt to bring in patent linkages (click here ...

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post image The BT Brinjal fiasco: Time to pass the National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority Bill? from

The last few weeks have been witness to several very vocal, sometime violent, protests against the introduction of BT Brinjal into the Indian market. The Ministry of Environment under the stewardship of Jairam Ramesh has ...

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Newsweek = Newspeak on Gene Patenting from

By Kevin E. Noonan -- Newsweek has always been Avis to Time Magazine's Hertz -- evidenced by an increasing difference in subscriptions (3.3 million versus 1.97 million on 2009). So it isn't surprising ...

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2010 IP Hall of Fame inductees announced from

In case you missed it, the 2010 inductees have been announced.  Here's the release from IAM Magazine: 

Five prominent figures from the global intellectual property community have been selected for induction into the IP ...

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Year Ahead: Biotech And Patentability Under Debate In The US, EU from

Biotechnology lies at the intersection of a wide spectrum of fields, such as agriculture, health and environment. Because biotechnology relates to life sciences, it is often the subject of ethical, sometimes intense political debates between ...

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Droit d’auteur 2010 : entre une application modèle et des limitations plus strictes from

L’Accord commercial anti-contrefaçon (ACAC), objet de négociations secrètes, est aujourd’hui au centre des débats internationaux sur le droit d’auteur. Tel est aussi le cas d’un potentiel nouveau traité international sur l ...

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Failure to Disclose Specific Combination of Prior Art Precludes Invalidity Argument Based on Such Combination from

The court granted plaintiff's motion to preclude evidence of defendants' new obviousness defense based on the combination of prior art references. The prior art references were disclosed individually in defendants' discovery responses and expert ...

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Trial on Crestor patent begins in D. Del. on 22 Feb 2010 from

An article by Ben Hirschler in Reuters on patent issues with the statin drug Crestor contains the following quip:

"It's CPR (Crestor Patent Risk), not CRP [C-reactive protein ] that requires more attention."

Crestor has ...

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Design & Business from

Business Week is running a special report on The Value of Design. There are a number of good pieces in the report. Let me pick out one that I think crystallizes the way design is ...

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WIPO Releases Detailed 2009 PCT Statistics from

On Monday, February 8, 2010, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released statistics for 2009, comparing the numbers to prior years in connection with Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application filings. These statistics (available HERE ...

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PriorSmart Launches Patent and IP News Aggregator from

On August 1, 2009 PriorSmart launched a patent and intellectual property news aggregator. The website includes active tweeting with 400 followers as of last week. The news page includes: USPTO Weekly stats Patent Litigations Top ...

Share via E–mail | Twitter | Facebook, Inc. v. Lansa at the CAFC from, Inc prevailed over Lansa, except on the amount of damages. The district
court judge was Senior Judge Robert W. Sweet.

As to the availability of the reference invoked for invalidation:

ResQNet states that ...

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Getting rid of fat the laser way from

Just after Philly's KYW featured one Dr. Kwak on laser removal of fat on Feb. 8, we have a patent story:

Aesthetic-laser device maker Cynosure Inc said it settled a patent infringement lawsuit against ...

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Patrick W. Gross Joins Article One Partners Board of Directors from

NEW YORK, Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Article One Partners, the world’s largest patent validation firm, today announced that Patrick W. Gross has joined its Board of Directors. Gross was an influential member of U.S ...

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Patent Application Deemed Abandoned on the Issue of Who Pays the Maintenance Fees from

Reshika Dhir is a J.D. candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School and is taking the Patent Law course. In Canada, a correctly filed patent application that may result in a patent is only half ...

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Canada’s IP Writing Challenge 2010 from

Professor Giuseppina D’Agostino is the Founder and Director IP Osgoode. Michel Gérin is the Executive Director of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. The Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC) and IP Osgoode are ...

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LegalZoom Sued in Class Action for Unauthorized Law Practice from

On December 18, 2009, LegalZoom was sued in the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Cole County Missouri for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law (see Janson v. LegalZoom complaint). The plaintiffs are also seeking ...

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LegalZoom sued for Unauthorized Practice of Law from

Gene Quinn at IPWatchDog reports that LegalZoom has been sued (class action lawsuit) for “unauthorized practice of law” in Missouri, allegedly for offering legal advice regarding a will and for preparing incorporation documents. Other related ...

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Of conflict and cooperation: when national courts and the EPO differ from

In Eli Lilly and Company v Human Genome Sciences Inc [2010] EWCA Civ 33 the Court of Appeal for England and Wales (Lord JusticeJacob, Lady Justice Hallett, Mr Justice Lewison) dismissed HGS's appeal against ...

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Delhi HC Rules Pre-grant Patent Applications Appealable before the IPAB- II from

In the last post, I had discussed the Delhi HC’s decision on appealability of pre-grant patent rejections before the IPAB. The post discussed the effect and import of the 2005 amendment on Section 25 ...

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Lucent v. Gateway Dooms Another Damages Award at the CAFC from, Inc. v. Lansa, Inc., No. 08-1365 (Fed. Cir., February 5, 2010)

Lansa appealed an award of damages for patent infringement from the Southern District of New York, arguing that the evidence and expert ...

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Second Annual Conference on Intellectual Property-hosted by Iona College from

Iona College will be hosting its second annual conference on Intellectual Property, from April 30-May 1,2010.The conference aims at exploring intellectual property in a cross disciplinary context.Questioning  the evolution of intellectual property ...

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Patent Profile: Fate Therapeutics to Receive First U.S. Patent for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Technology from

By James DeGiulio -- This week, Fate Therapeutics of San Diego, CA was issued a Notice of Allowance for U.S. Application No. 10/997,146 (U.S. Patent Application Publication No. 2008/0280362), titled "Methods ...

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