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post image Nokia and IPCom: more fun before the EPO, but what's going on? from

What a week it has been for Nokia! First, on Monday the IPKat reported that the mobile telecomms giant had triumphed in its battle with IPCom in proceedings before the Patents Court, England and Wales ...

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post image When the Examination Process Goes South from

To those that haven't heard about it, a practitioner became fed up with an examiner when it was apparent that the examination process was being "gamed" for the benefit of the examiner (and the ...

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post image Director Kappos on the USPTO's (lack of) Funding from

In a recent e-mail to PTO employees, Director Kappos explained a real problem associated with PTO funding for the next year — that 1.9 billion dollars will not be enough for FY2010. Although that seems ...

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post image Time for a General Grumble from

The IPKat had hoped that the change of name -- from Court of First Instance to General Court -- might have had some beneficial affect upon the manner in which the decisions of that court are made ...

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post image Vorsprung durch Rechtsstreit as Audi gets its CTM from

While the average Audi can put on a neat turn of speed, few would have expected it to take seven years to get from Alicante to Luxembourg. But that's exactly what happened in Case ...

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post image Pendency of BPAI Appeals from

The BPAI reports that their average pendency of ex parte appeals decided in the 1st Quarter of FY2010 (Oct-Dec 2009) jumped to 9.9 months from 7.7 months for the prior three month period ...

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post image Ballad of the Patent Troll from

General Patent Corporation may be a dull-sounding name, but from the company's Wealth of Ideas newsletter comes something worth watching and highly thought-provoking -- "The Ballad of the Patent Troll" (for which, click here). According ...

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Professionalism from

A few days ago, Greg Aharonian of the Internet Patent News Service relayed the following note that a frustrated attorney had sent to Director Kappos:


Dear Mr. Kappos,

I have been practicing before the USPTO ...

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Year Ahead: Stronger Protection, Harmonisation Among Goals For Trademarks And GIs In 2010 from

Enforcement of rights and a global harmonisation of systems look to be among the focal points of trademark and geographical indications policy in 2010. Significant activity will occur in these areas in Europe. But whether ...

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Essay Competition: Competition by Max Planck on Innovation from

SpicyIP is pleased to announce the first international essay competition conducted by the prestigious International Max Planck Research School for Competition and Innovation. The topic for the competition is “Designing an Inclusive National Innovation Policy ...

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Gamecocks crunched by Trojans in CAFC-USC bowl from

The University of South Carolina tried to register a mark with the letters SC. The University of Southern California opposed registration of South Carolina’s mark. Southern California argued, among other things, that the registrations ...

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Year Ahead: Range Of IP Policy Issues May See Action In United States In 2010 from

With the United States Congress attempting to wrap up healthcare – a move made more difficult after a Republican won a traditionally Democratic US Senate seat in January - issues such as tax increases for the nation ...

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Google Acquisitions are Relevant to Determining Reasonable Royalty from

For purposes of determining a reasonable royalty, the court permitted certain evidence of Google's acquisitions of other companies. "Because Google relies upon acquisitions, instead of traditional licenses, to procure intellectual property, [plaintiff's damages ...

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Narrowing Claims in Reissue from

In a prior post, I discussed the BPAI’s recent precedential decision of Ex parte Tanaka (BPAI 2009). In that case, Board held that a patentee’s failure to add an additional dependent claim (without ...

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WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents: Fourteenth Session from

On January 25-29, 2010, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will be hosting its Fourteenth Session of the Standing Committee on the Law of Patents. The following items will be discussed, with links to the ...

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Supreme Court expands corporate role in campaign ads from

AP reported on 21 January 2010: By a 5-4 vote, the court on Thursday [Jan. 21] overturned a 20-year-old ruling that said corporations can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to pay ...

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Do universities need reminder on guidelines on overzealous patenting? from

Within an article in Chronicle of Higher Education (by Paul Basken) titled NIH WILL GIVE LESS AND DEMAND MORE IN 2010, NEW LEADER SAYS , one has the text:

The NIH does have guidelines on overzealous ...

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A reminder that Graham Dutfield is speaking at NUJS this afternoon on "traditional medicines" and patents:

Venue: Room 006, NUJS, Kolkata
Date: Jan 22, 2010 (Friday)
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm (including QandA)
Registration ...

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IP Jobs in Mumbai from

Reposting an earlier announcement of an excellent opportunity for those seeking a challenging IP opportunity in Mumbai.

Two job openings for IP Professionals in Mumbai, as described below.

If interested, please write with a copy ...

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Apple Seeks Patent on Solar Powered iPod and iPhone from

Apple, Inc., the tech giant that has revolutionized how we listen to music and the functionality of a cell phone, is now seeking to expand its extremely popular iPod and iPhone products into greener pastures ...

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Misconceptions of Provisional Patent Applications from

After an inventor conceives of an invention, an application seeking patent protection may be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The first or initial patent application may either be a provisional or ...

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Revised Count System from

The Office sent an email earlier this week, notifying the corps that the changes to the count system will be taking effect starting on February 14th. (Happy Valentine's Day!)

For a while, examiners' production ...

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Proposed Changes to Inventive Step/Non-Obviousness in Australia from

Those of you who regularly prosecute patents in Australia will be aware that Australia has a unique approach to inventive step/non-obviousness. Specifically, Australian law differs from international norms in two fairly notable ways: Firstly ...

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New blog publishes information about global patent filings from

inovia llc, which offers the pctfiler product for PCT national stage patent filings and epvalidation for European patent validation, has launched a new blog dedicated to information about filing patents on a global basis. According ...

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