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post image Tiger, Kate and some musings on "privacy" cases from

This Kat is intrigued by the recent increase of privacy infringement cases that have made headlines in the UK. Where have they all come from all of a sudden?

Max Mosely (see earlier IPKat post ...

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post image Ecolabels and the ecology of trade marks from

Having nothing better to do, the IPKat found himself flipping the electronic pages of the Official Journal of the European Union and what should he find but the Commission Decision of 26 November 2009 on ...

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post image Patents - Do Guys Think You’re Worthless? from

Hidden away in Vienna, the European Patent Office (EPO) has a Directorate of Databases and Promotion that offers IPScore, a “free-of charge tool to support the patent strategy of companies, mainly SMEs, and to steer ...

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post image Bull Run from

For the 17th year running, IBM has gotten the most U.S. patents. "Their patent department is a profit center," observed Bruce Lehman, former PTO director, and now head agent provocateur at the International Intellectual ...

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Was the Federal Circuit Feeling Guilty Over KSR? Study Suggests They Were from

District court clerk Ali Mojibi recently conducted an empirical study on the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision in KSR v. Teleflex:
 The basic approach of the study is straightforward. The author surveyed a ...

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The Jackson Review: how will it affect patent litigation in England and Wales? from

The Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report (a.k.a. The Jackson Review), covering civil litigation in England and Wales, has just been published here. It's 584 pages in length and its thrust ...

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Stay Pending Reexam Granted Prior to PTO's Grant of Petition for Reexam from

The court granted defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination even though the PTO had not yet granted reexamination. "95% of reexamination requests have been granted. The Court finds that were the patent-in-suit to be ...

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Airport Body Scanners: Useful Technology or Invasion of Privacy? from

Alex Gloor is a JD student at Osgoode Hall Law School Questions about an individual’s right to privacy in light of technological advances have persisted for over a century. Government sanctioned uses of invading ...

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Bodog Loses Again, Claim Preclusion Not Applicable in Ex Parte Reexam from

Back in 2007, a default judgment was entered in a Nevada district court against the well known Internet gambling website for infringement of U.S. Patent 5,564,001. (1st Technology LLV. v ...

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GPC Acquires IPOfferings to Expand Patent Brokerage Business from

Suffern, N.Y., January 14, 2010 — General Patent Corporation (GPC), a leading intellectual property (IP) boutique focusing on patent licensing and enforcement as well as IP advisory services and IP brokerage, has acquired IPOfferings LLC ...

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Drug Label Encouraging Infringing Use Shows Intent to Induce (Even if Prescribed for Noninfringing Use) from

A featured document in the Docket Report recently highlighted an Amended Opinion by Judge Cavanaugh of New Jersey: “The court granted plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment of indirect infringement based on defendants’ use of ...

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A New Framework for IP Strategy Conversations: Ex Post vs. Ex Ante (from IP P®OSPE©TIVE) from

(Editorial Note: I have gotten some great feedback from my recent post 9 Out of 10 Patents are Worthless: Here’s Why and How to Keep it Happening from You (Part 1 of 4). I ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: Patent Office to make updated patent specifications available under Rule 27 from

The Controller General of Patents – P.H.Kurian – has issued an Office Circular today stating that the latest updated patent specifications will be available, under Rule 27 of the Patent Rules, for inspection and that ...

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Patent Portfolios: More Value, Less Volume? from

Business Week has been running a series of articles recently on IP and innovation, where they discussed patents and the latest reports on large-business filings in the USPTO.   As previously reported on the 271 Blog ...

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Misplaced Fears in the Legislative Battle over Biotech Drugs from

In a new article, available here , Professor David Adelman (University of Texas) and I weigh in on the controversial subject of the inclusion of an extended period of data exclusivity in proposed follow-on biologic (FOB ...

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