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post image Wikipedia Citations in Patents Up 59 Percent from

Patent Librarian Michael White recently posted an interesting graph on the number of U.S. patents referencing Wikipedia articles: The number of U.S. patents issued last year that contain one or more references to ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

It's Friday again ... and time to check the IPKat's sidebar for news of forthcoming seminars, talks, events and other ways to fill in time while pleasurably discussing your favourite IP issues with like-minded ...

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post image The New Patent Marking Police: Answering Clontech and Forest Group from

Today, Hal Wegner and I have released a new paper concerning the open questions regarding Section 292 false marking claims post-Forest Group.  We discuss the Forest Group case itself, the history of qui tam ...

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post image Design Patents: Symmetry Requires Elimination of Points-of-Novelty Test for Anticipation from

International Seaway Trading Corp v. Walgreens Corp (Fed. Cir. 2009) The laws of anticipation and infringement are often considered as a symmetric pair. In its classic statement on point, the Supreme Court proclaimed "[t]hat ...

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post image What price Gourmet? from

Writing for BrandChannel, Vivian Manning-Schaffel ("Condé Nast Considers Licensing To Mitigate Losses", here) explains that, in its quest for fresh revenue streams, publishing house Condé Nast may opt for brand licensing in an attempt to ...

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post image Nabbed from

However one may wish the USPTO well, they certainly are stingy bastards, seemingly bent on cheating their constituency, inventors, at every turn. Herein, Wyeth has to fight all the way to the CAFC to get ...

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Drug Label Established Intent to Induce Although the Drug was Prescribed for Noninfringing Use and the Label was Required by the FDA from

The court granted plaintiff's motion for summary judgment of indirect infringement based on defendants' use of a label containing "instructions on how to use the product in a manner that encourages acts of infringement ...

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Where is the Next Federal Circuit Judge? from

Federal Circuit Judge Alvin Schall moved to senior status in early October 2009. Judge Schall gave notice of his intent to take senior status in August 2009, and insiders knew much earlier. This delay leads ...

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Google received Indian patent for advertising business method from

Google added yet another patent in its advertising business method patent portfolio in India by protecting patent for serving content-targeted ads in emails newsletter based on publisher unique content identifier in the email content. The ...

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Ambush! Lululemon Scores on VANOC from

Stuart Freen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Vancouver-based yoga sportswear company Lululemon introduced a new line of national-flag themed clothing late last month, just in time for the 2010 Olympics. The ...

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FastTrac® TechVenture: What Does it Take to Grow an Idea Into a World Class Business from

The Program: FastTrac® TechVentureTM is a hands-on business development program specifically designed to assist scientists, inventors, engineers and IT developers to commercialize an innovative and scalable technology, product or service. FastTrac® TechVenture will be presented ...

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False Patent Marking Roulette Wheel from

Section 292 of the Patent Act provides that a person who falsely marks an unpatented article as being patented, where the false patent marking was done with an intent to deceive the public, [s]hall ...

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Novartis received patent for second-line CML therapy drug from

The Chennai Patent Office lately published Indian Patent No. 237430 issued to Novartis for anti-cancer drug Nilotinib, globally marketed as Tasigna. In October 2007, the United States FDA approved Nilotinib for chronic myelogenous leukaemia (CML ...

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