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post image Dropping: Average Number of Claims Per Patent from

In addition to a reduction in the number of patent applications being filed, we are also seeing a reduction in the number of claims in each issued patent. All things being equal, patents with more ...

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post image Once in a lifetime chance to guest blog at Patent Baristas from

Right now is the time to rally around Stephen Albainy-Jenei and get your self some free, high quality airplay (in return for high quality content, of course).

For personal reasons, Stephen has had to pause ...

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post image Federal Circuit Affirms Wyeth v. Kappos from

Wyeth v. Kappos (Fed. Cir. Jan. 7, 2010)

Today, the Federal Circuit held that extended patent term adjustments under 35 U.S.C. § 154(b) due to PTO delay in prosecution applies on an "A ...

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post image Two for life: new titles on biotech and life sciences from

It's not as if the IPKat is becoming a slower reader these days, but it seems that people are writing books and sending them to him a lot faster than he can handle them ...

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"Law & Order" copying "Law & Order"? from

Of the 6 Jan 2010 episode of Law & Order SVU titled “Quickie,” one remembered that the major plotline (HIV man deliberately infecting women) had been seen before on Law & Order.

In fact, someone already had ...

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Fourth generic drugmaker sued for Analeptic Drug Nuvigil from

Cephalon Inc. has filed a civil suit for patent infringement against the generic drugmaker Watson Pharmaceuticals Inc. for its analeptic drug Nuvigil, generically known as Armodafinil. The suit filed on Tuesday (January 05, 2009) in ...

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CSIR and GIIP to host Advanced Workshop on Patent Strategies from

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), in collaboration with the Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP), are scheduled to host an Advanced Workshop on Patent Strategies from February 1 to February 4, 2010 ...

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Stay Pending Reexam Denied Where Parties Are Direct Competitors from

Defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination was denied even though the case was "in the early stages of litigation and discovery [had] not yet begun." "Plaintiff contends that a stay would delay the possibility ...

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BPAI Rules Reissue Improper When Only Adding Narrower Claims from

Reissue practice and reissue oaths are plagued by the tortured language of 35 U.S.C. § 251. Having suffered through 3 related reissues myself, I’ve often referred to this language in 35 U.S ...

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BPAI Invokes Gutta to Reverse 101 Rejection from

In Ex Parte Morrison the Board of Patent Appeals and Inteferences reversed the 101 rejection of the following claim today, citing the newly precedential Ex Parte Gutta case: 1. A system that facilitates managing product ...

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Licensor, Sue Thy Own, For Thy Secrets from

Eastman’s divestment of its PET business in the EU to Indorama ended up in Delaware federal court as the licensor’s patent infringement action. Eastman Chemical Company v. AlphaPet Inc. et al. (09-CV-971). Named ...

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Quotes from Inventors Digest interview with David Kappos from

From the Inventors Digest [ID] interview:

ID: Interesting. We need to talk about first-to-file. But before we get to that, to what extent is your lengthy tenure at IBM influencing you at the USPTO? Are ...

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Wyeth v. Kappos: Appellate Panel Confirms that PTO Is Miscalculating (Undercalculating) Delays in Prosecution and the Corresponding Patent Term Adjustment from

Wyeth and Elan Pharma v. Kappos (as USPTO Director) (Fed. Cir. 2009) The Federal Circuit has decided an important case involving the length patent term adjustments (PTAs) that are granted due to PTO delays in ...

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Wikipedia Citations in Patents Up 59 Percent from

The number of U.S. patents issued last year that contain one or more references to Wikipedia articles totalled 809, a 59 percent jump from 2008. Several years ago the USPTO banned patent examiners from ...

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Sanofi discontinued development of insomnia drug Eplivanserin from

Following feedback from the United States FDA for additional clinical data, the French drug marker Sanofi-Aventis lately withdrawn both US and EU marketing authorization applications for insomnia drug Eplivanserin (protected by the US Patent No ...

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The IP ADR Blog Continues from

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to more or less abandon the IP ADR Blog and pursue a more general blog about Commercial ADR, including arbitration and mediation, focusing on the business ...

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Litepanels Asserts Film Production LED Lighting Patents from

Litepanels, LTD, a UK company, and Litepanels, Inc., a Los Angeles-based corporation (collectively ”Litepanels”), make LED lighting systems for use in film and TV production. Last month Litepanels sued Dot Line Corp. (Dot Line) and ...

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