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post image When Moribund Brand Meets Turning a Disadvantage into an Advantage from

Two of the more daunting challenges in consumer marketing certainly must be: (i) successfully obtaining a moribund trademark with the intention of reviving it; and (ii) developing a campaign whereby one turns an apparent disadvantage ...

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post image Happy New Year from the SpicyIP team from

The SpicyIP team wishes all of you a very warm and pleasant year ahead.

IP in India has seen an exciting year go past, and if December signs are anything to go by, there is ...

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Court gives Nod to Patent for Image on Flowers from

A few years ago, the Bombay High Court had reversed an order of rejection of a patent by the Controller-General of Patents. It is this case, titled Speaking Roses International Inc. vs Controller-General Of Patents ...

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"Great minds really do think alike?" from

On the topic of independent creation (which is a defense to a charge of copyright infringement, but NOT to patent infringement), note the interesting post in the subject area of NASCAR. The (thoughtful) poster 4ever3 ...

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"Completely, utterly wrong" from

Jay Busbee at refers to "Waggle Room" as stating that the economics professors at UC/Davis were "completely, utterly wrong" in their analysis of the impact of the Woods event on the stock ...

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On science issues, more "pure science" and less spinning is what's needed from

In a post titled On issues like global warming and evolution, scientists need to speak up , Chris Mooney depicts the debate on carbon dioxide / climate change as one between "mainstream researchers and skeptics."

IPBiz notes ...

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