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post image Patent Law Bits and Bytes: Holiday Cheer from

Attorney Marketing professional Robert Denney publishes an annual year-end report entitled "What's Hot and What's Not in the Legal Profession." First on his list for What's Hot: Intellectual Property. Not only litigation ...

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post image Post-revision Lugano: an official map for lawyers from

The website of the Official Journal of the European Union carries this morning a 56-page Explanatory Report on the Convention on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (the ...

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post image A sad if salutary tale from

I've just been speaking to a friend, who had developed a rather attractive website for her specialist business -- a small local business which looked promising but never developed and is now defunct. A fotnight ...

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post image Software licences: better than IP rights? from

The Software License Unveiled: How Legislation by License Controls Software Access is a short, vibrant book by Douglas E. Phillips (Vice President and General Counsel, Promontory Interfinanciary Network). The web-blurb makes some big claims for ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

If you were thinking of sending your friends at the United Kingdom's Intellectual Property Office a Christmas present, take note: says the IPO:
"Please note that our Office at 21 Bloomsbury Street will be ...

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post image Why automotive engineers don't end up as patent infringers from

The most recent issue of the UK Intellectual Property Office's Insight carries a fascinating short piece entitled "Patent infringement clearance: What? When? How?" [Whatever happened to 'Why?', wonders the Kat]. The piece, by Ian ...

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Defendant Sanctioned for Fabricating Prior Art from

Plaintiff's motion for sanctions against a defendant who fabricated prior art and "committed fraud on the court" was granted in part. The court did not strike defendant's claims and defenses, but instead struck ...

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Copyright Law Reform in Brazil: Anteprojeto or Anti-project? from

A balancing of the rights of authors and consumers, the re-introduction of a private copying exception, a remixing permission and a new regulatory agency for copyright issues are among the core points the Brazilian Ministry ...

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Argentina Toughens Music Performers and Producers Protection from

The term of protection on sound recording for performers and producers has been extended in Argentina from 50 to 70 years, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The extension of the ...

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Microsoft Loses Key Patent Judgement from

Computer technology giant Microsoft has lost an appeal on a patent case that now could see the company withdrawing the current versions of two of its widely-used software programmes from the market. The dispute concerns ...

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PCT Billing Scams from

According to a WIPO press release issued recently, a Florida-based company, “Federated Institute for Patent and Trademark Registry” (FIPTR), has been caught running various scams involving sending out misleading letters to IP rights holders that ...

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SPE Performance Appraisal Plan-Award Taskforce from

Our first-line managers play a critical role in the achievement of USPTO goals.  In fact, my management experience has taught me that first-line managers have *far* more impact on the employees they manage than anyone ...

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