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post image Gifts for a Patent Attorney: The Patent Office Director Game! from

The USPTO has released its patent pendency simulator so that you can play at home. The Patent Pendency Model (PPM) is a Simulation Tool that predicts patent production output based on actual historical data and ...

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post image Clogged from

Footwear importer Seaway sued Walgreens drug stores for selling those colorful plastic clogs, thereby infringing D529,263, D545,032, and D545,033. The district court booted the case in summary judgment because of anticipation by ...

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IP-Protected Assets Need Carefully Crafted Contractual Framework, Experts Say from

Contracts covering new technologies and intangible assets protected by intellectual property rights, notably through patents, industrial designs or copyright, need to be carefully crafted to establish clear ownership of IP rights, said experts at a ...

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On labeling someone an expert in intellectual property from

There is an assertion of plagiarism as to words used by one Lynn Vakay which were not attributed to Hillsdale College Professor Gary Wolfram.

What caught the eye of IPBiz was the following text:

USC ...

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IP References Left Out Of Last-Minute, Weak Global Climate Deal In Copenhagen from

COPENHAGEN - Despite last-minute pep talk by US President Barack Obama, it proved extremely difficult to secure an international climate deal at the high-level meeting in Copenhagen on 18 December. Intellectual property issues were again discussed ...

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Patent Office Delay and Inventors Representing Themselves from

Earlier today I stumbled across US Patent No. 7,631,368, which is titled Combined concealed carry holster undergarment and outergarment with quick release and quick access mechanisms. This patent is one that offers a ...

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