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post image Predicted 2009 Patent Application Filings from

via CNN in an article titled: "Recession's latest victim: U.S. innovation." Dennis Crouch's Comment: Patent filings are clearly down, but I don't know that I agree with the reporter's conclusion ...

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post image Trade secrets, a seminar and a chance to say "hello" from

LATE PLUG: this seminar, which is free and takes place this coming Monday, already has over 90 participants signed up -- but it's still possible to squeeze in some more. Contact Sarah Turner at the ...

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post image Friday fantasies from

Friday may not be the end of the week for most people, but it marks the end of the working week for most IP practitioners and their clients, as well as the many administrators, policy-makers ...

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post image Telling a Story in Patent Drafting: Toot Your Horn, Cautiously from

A bare-bones approach to patents has been proposed by some highly respected practitioners, an approach in which "unnecessary" elements of a patent such as a background section are eliminated in an effort to avoid some ...

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post image IP ADR Blog Merges with Commercial ADR Blog from

I’m merging the IP ADR Blog with a new blog called Commercial ADR – Business Solutions to Justice Problems.  I’ll continue to post articles to the Settle It Now Negotiation Blog on matters of ...

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Mininova bit torrent site shut down from

Stuart Freen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. This past week, one of the largest public file-sharing sites out there, finally shut its doors. After a legal fight with BREIN ...

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Yahoo! to Pay 23% Ongoing Royalty for Future Infringement from

In determining an ongoing royalty rate for defendant's post-verdict infringement through a "colorable variation" of the adjudicated product, the court imposed plaintiff's proposed rate of 23% where the jury had based its damages ...

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UNITAID Drug Patent Pool Implementation Hinges On Board from

Implementation of a United Nations-related patent pool initiative that independent reviewers say would save millions of lives (and dollars) is set to be approved next week by the initiative’s board, though some observers fear ...

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First-to-File versus First-Inventor-to-File from

In the US, an inventor's evidence of pre-filing conception, diligence, and reduction-to-practice can help win a priority contest against a competing inventor and can also negate would-be prior art. Around the world, the vast ...

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The APS strikes back! from

Following an email to certain APS members suggesting changes in an APS policy statement post-ClimateGate, the APS President ( Cherry Murray) sent out an email to APS members on December 10, 2009 which included the text ...

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"Patent filings are a very controllable expense" from

Within an article by Dave Goldman at CNN:

"Our patent filings were down 25% this year, and it was a direct macroeconomic issue," said Joe FitzGerald, deputy general counsel for tech security firm Symantec. "The ...

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An attribution issue in Woods matter from

Of the alleged criticism of Tiger Woods by two pro golfers reported in Life & Style, yahoo.sports notes

Provocative stuff, PGA players criticizing the Tour's greatest draw. There's just one problem: it now ...

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The Future of Global Copyrights from

Every modern country has copyright laws of some sort in place. The rationale behind them all is to motivate the creation of future works and to protect the works themselves after their creation. In our ...

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