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post image The "Matrix" for First-Inventor-To-File: An Experimental Investigation into Proposed Changes in US Patent Law from

Guest Post by Brad Pedersen and Justin Woo (Read their Full Article at The Patent Reform Act of 2009 would replace the current “first-to-invent” (FTI) system with a new “first-inventor-to-file ...

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post image One-click fun and games as Amazon flows into Europe from

Once upon a time the word 'Amazon' either meant a lady with somewhat warlike habits or a river which, together with its tributaries and basin, irrigated a patch of land about 70% the size of ...

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post image Jaguar implicated in ECJ mystery from

Another mystery intellectual property case has caught the IPKat's attention: it's Case C-238/09, Handelsmaatschappij J. van Hilst and Others v The Jaguar Collection Limited and Others, a reference to the Court of ...

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post image Barcelona court cites EPO decisions for the first time from

Ignacio Marqués, from Baker & McKenzie's Barcelona office, has written to tell PatLit about a recent decision of the Court of Appeals of Barcelona (IP Section), which has applied EPO case law in order to ...

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post image ITC gets the thumbs-up from

The December 2009/January 2010 issue of Patent World, published ten times a year by Informa, carries an article, "International Trade Commission exclusion orders" by two Kilpatrick Stockton attorneys, Chris Murphy (Washington DC) and Wilson ...

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post image Scaled & Burt Rutan from

Scaled is Burt Rutan's company (founded in 1982, based in Mojave, CA), and the firm has four patents.

Consider Fabrication of structure having structural layers and layers of controllable electrical or magnetic properties from ...

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post image Don't dig up technical assessments, warns AG from

Beset by an avalanche of new IP developments on a daily basis, the IPKat is always delighted to receive the help and assistance of his friends. He is accordingly very grateful to Bart Kiewiet (President ...

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post image Ireland: no change ... so far from

From Naoise Gaffney (Tomkins & Co, Dublin) comes some reassuring news. For those enjoying a favourable tax position as recipients of income from patent royalties and other IP-favourable tax-breaks in Ireland, the position after yesterday's ...

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Copenhagen Attendees: Techies, Greenies, Political Posturers, Commerce Opportunists from

The provisional list of registered participants to the 7-18 December United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) in Copenhagen is out, and a look at it reveals the variety of people considered relevant to the timely ...

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In re TS Tech, In re Genentech, and In re Volkswagen Do Not Provide "New Grounds" for Transfer of Venue from

Defendant's motion to transfer venue for convenience was denied. In an earlier case, the court denied defendant's motion to transfer venue and in connection with a subsequent dismissal without prejudice the parties agreed ...

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USPTO Launches Patent Quality Improvement Initiative from

The USPTO has been establishing procedures for measuring the quality of patent examination and to improve overall patent quality (together with the Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC)).  The Office is now seeking help from the ...

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Oxford Task Force To Examine Global Knowledge Governance from

Intellectual property rules are the predominant tool to manage knowledge ownership and diffusion, but the complexity of IP regimes at the bilateral, regional or multilateral levels as well as the strengthening of these rules is ...

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Science Fiction, Patent Haters and Useless Federal Complaints from

Once again patent haters are beating the old worn out drum, or are they? Several weeks ago Global Findability, Inc. brought a patent infringement lawsuit against Summit Entertainment, LLC and Escape Artists, LLC, in the ...

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UK "Patent Box" Program Slashes Corporate Taxes on Patent Income from

The UK is introducing a "patent box" regime that will impose a lower rate of corporate tax on patent income as an attempt to boost to Britain's creative industries.  The government has yet to ...

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A Critique of Popular Mechanics Patent Reform Article from

I applaud Popular Mechanics for tackling the under-covered issue of patent reform in Inventors Slam Patent Reform Effort. However, I disagree with some of the magazine’s assertions. Regarding first-to-invent vs. first-to-file, PM says: FTI ...

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They Invented What? (No. 155) from

U.S. Pat. No. 5,638,832: Programmable subcutaneous visible implant. What is claimed is: 1. An implant for subcutaneous insertion beneath a skin surface, the implant comprising: a control module adapted to be located ...

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WIPO Traditional Knowledge Negotiators Dodging Roadblocks from

How to handle work between meetings on creating a "legal instrument" caused a stalemate in informal negotiations at the World Intellectual Property Organization traditional knowledge committee this evening. Unable to reach agreement on the composition ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: Announcing the arrival of Peer To Patent Australia from

Continuing on our zealous path of advocating the cause of collaborative work to produce superior results, Benjamin McEniery was kind enough to point out to SpicyIP, a brand new initiative from our friends down under- ...

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Innovation games rock from

Getting to the crux of things while generating tons of data does not have to be boring.

The Chief IP Officer meeting in Chicago earlier this year was fascinating.  Luke Hohmann ran some innovation games ...

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RSA as an IP outsoucing destination from

This blogger has been promoting RSA as an IP outsourcing destination and returns from a short trip to Europe where he visited a beauty packaging business in Paris for whom two firms in RSA do ...

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