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post image German, but looking to be more American? from

Last night's PatLit seminar, "Patent litigation in the US and Japan: what's the difference?", provided some fascinating insights into the Japanese approach to patent litigation. Our speaker Professor Toshiko Takenaka (Associate Director, Graduate ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbits: Satyam settles Upaid dispute for $70 mn from

Hot off the press is news that the Satyam-Upaid dispute has been settled by Mahindra Satyam for a settlement amount of USD 70 million. (Read the Reuters story here).

This may well be among the ...

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post image Peer-to-Patent hits Australia from

The IPKat has discovered that one of his favourite concepts, Peer-to-Patent (see earlier posts here and here), has reached the fair and lovely land of Australia. Ben McEniery (Peer-to-Patent Australia Project Manager and a Lecturer ...

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post image Sudden U-turn -- UK government not so bad after all from

Following the IPKat's previous post, he has been deluged with emails telling him that the taxation of patent income at 10% is a good thing, not a bad one, since the current level of ...

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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Yesterday evening Professor Toshiko Takenaka gave the PatLit seminar, "Patent litigation in the US and Japan: what's the difference?" A brief report and link to her PowerPoint presentation can be found here.

Just before ...

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post image British government clowning around with patents -- but no-one's laughing from

The IPKat is astounded to read, on the BBC's coverage of the British pre-budget report, a bullet-point which reads as follows:
"New 10% tax on income from patents to boost science development".
The Telegraph ...

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Assignment Executed by Incorrect Entity Nevertheless Conveyed "Substantial Rights" to Patent Sufficient to Vest Plaintiff with Standing from

Defendant's motion to dismiss for lack of standing was denied notwithstanding an error in the assignment of the patent rights -- "the correct officer signed the . . . Assignment on behalf of the incorrect entity" -- that was ...

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IP & the Chancellor from

The UK Pre-Budget Report today had a couple of IP moments - overall potentially useful, but really just not trying hard enough.
10% tax on patent royaltiesGood news? Well, yes: but only if you're ...

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Manchester Manifesto questions ‘Ownership of Science’: A Renaissance or Fantasy? from

Nirav Bhatt is an LLM candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. In what could be seen as a strange or rather surprising move, a distinguished group of academicians, the majority of which are based at ...

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Patently-O Bits and Bytes No. 305 from

Worksharing: Website of the five IP Offices: GoogleNexis?: Google Scholar now includes judicial opinions and law review articles. [Link] The site does a nice job of ranking opinions according to citation ...

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New WTO TRIPS Special Sessions Stand-In Chair from

Following Ambassador Trevor Clarke’s appointment at the World Intellectual Property Organization and departure from the Barbados delegation, Ambassador Karen Tan of Singapore will chair the World Trade Organization Council on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual ...

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IP Issues May Go To ‘Higher Political Level’ In Copenhagen Amid Difficulties from

COPENHAGEN - While intellectual property rights has been ‘the elephant in the room’ in the climate change negotiations so far, officials predict that it could become the subject of heated negotiations - even at a higher political ...

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Blog recommendation: Nolo’s “Dear Rich” blog from

One blog I stumbled on recently that is a great resource for learning how to answer those “miscellaneous” questions patent practitioners get from prospective clients is Nolo’s “Dear Rich” blog (written by attorney Richard ...

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Confidential Documents From WHO R&D Finance Group, Industry, Raise Concern from

Confidential documents related to the World Health Organization Expert Working Group on innovative financing for research and development surfaced today, revealing the group’s thinking as well as pharmaceutical industry thinking about the WHO process ...

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Inventors Slam Patent Reform Effort – Popular Mechanics Article. from

An interesting patent law article was published today at Popular Mechanics. The article explored the impact that the Patent Reform Act of 2009 could have on innovation, primarily through the opinions of a variety of ...

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Rambus Patent Related Antitrust Saga Appears to Be Over from

European Union regulators on Wednesday dropped an antitrust investigation into Rambus Inc. after the company agreed to cap royalty fees for memory chip patents. In an agreement reached between EU regulators and Rambus, Rambus will ...

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The Requirement that the Written Description be Concise from

By Dennis Crouch The Patent Act requires that the written description of an invention be “concise.” 35 U.S.C. 112p1. The meaning of that requirement is unclear, but but the language of Section 112 ...

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GAO Reviews US Overseas IP Attaches from

The placement of specialised United States government intellectual property attachés overseas, such as in Beijing and Guangzhou, China; New Delhi, India; and Bangkok, Thailand, has had an overall positive impact on coordination of international IP ...

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New LED Litigation Lights Up Marshall, Texas: Nichia Sues Jiawei While Philips, Osram and VW Play Defense from

Three new light emitting diode (LED) patent infringement suits were filed last month, all in the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall. In the first case, Japanese LED maker Nichia Corporation (Nichia) has accused Chinese ...

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Letter to the Editor: Many PTDL Librarians Support Fully Indexed Access to all US Patents from

Patent and Trademark Depository Librarians read your October 25, 2009 blog entry, USPTO Designates New PTDL, But What About Online, which makes a strong and most welcome call for fully indexed access to all US ...

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CSI NY "Death House" episode depicts revenge of an inventor against crooked backer from

On December 9, 2009, CSI NY, in an episode titled "Death House", depicted the revenge of an inventor ripped off by a "venture capitalist", in the year 1923.

The inventor (Harding) was ripped off by ...

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