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Bureau of Labor Statistics: "There are 6.3 job hunters for every available job" from

Noting that the BLS has found 6.3 job hunters per job, an employment advice column includes the following text and then the 10 most common mistakes in a job interview:

"The competition is tough ...

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Fact vs. Fiction: The Truth on Biologics and Biosimilars from

For many months we have been hearing about the government attempts to “reform” health care in the United States, and this weekend the United States Senate is actually working, yes Senators working on a weekend ...

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Chris Reed criticizes Sacramento Bee over Hier Tran story from

In a post titled Bee defies own policy, won't fix error, Chris Reed criticizes Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters for not disclosing Reed's role in breaking the Hier Tran degree fraud story. Excerpts ...

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Obscure Patent: Disposable Rainwear from

Disposable rainwear US Patent No. 6,658,665 Issued December 9, 2003 I have not been doing as many obscure patents as I once did, but I have been increasingly hearing from inventors that they ...

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