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post image Barred from

It used to take a kick in the pants to file a declaratory judgment (DJ) action. Then the January 2007 Supreme Court MedImmune ruling lowered the bar, followed by the spring chicken CAFC Sandisk decision ...

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post image One step closer to a single EU-wide patent... from

The BBC brings us the happy news that we are one step closer to a common EU-wide patent system. According to the report EU industry ministers on Friday in Brussels reached a deal to establish ...

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ClimateGate: Physicists request change in APS policy statement from

A group of physicists are requesting, in view of the revelations in ClimateGate, that the APS alter its statement on global warming.

Included in the changes is a DELETION of the text:

The evidence is ...

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Kodak to sell LG its OLED technology from

The sale of Kodak's Organic Light Emitting Diodes businesses to South Korea's LG, announced 4 Dec 09, comes after Kodak earlier this year said it would lower spending by trimming investment in some ...

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Plagiarists unwelcome at The Huffington Post from

Concerning the plagiarism affair involving Mona Sarika, a post on HuffingtonPost includes the following text:

Mario Ruiz, Vice President of Huffington Post Media relations, responded to questions via email.

"Once we establish that a story ...

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David Kappos and The Impact of KSR – a unique opportunity for our profession from

Guest Post by Paul Cole, Visiting Professor, Intellectual Property Law, Bournemouth University, UK On Tuesday 24 November, David Kappos made a posting on the Director’s Forum including the following statement: Some have suggested that ...

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Pyron Pioneers Solar Concentrators that Swim with the Fishes from

Pyron Solar Inc. (Pyron) is a San Diego company that develops and makes solar concentrators. Pyron and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E;) recently announced that SDG&E; is building a demonstration project to test ...

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