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post image Delhi High Court rules on Section 8 and 47 of the Patents Act: Lack of disclosure under S.8 = No interim injunction from

Thanks to Sumathi's wizadry over Google we have for your viewing pleasure yet another Order authored by Justice Murlidhar on two very crucial provisions of the Patents Act – Section 8 & Section 47 (In this ...

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post image Contd...Delhi High Court rules on Section 47: Provides the Indian Railways a carte blanche to bust patents from

Continuing from the last post on Justice Murlidhar's Order, this post will attempt to understand the Delhi High Court's interpretation of Section 47 of the Patents Act. As already explained in the earlier ...

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post image "Would you care for a glass of CANNABIS, Sir?" from

Drink and drugs were the main preoccupation of some of Europe's finest legal brains this morning, when the Court of First Instance rendered its decision in Case T‑234/06, Giampietro Torresan v Office ...

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Milestones To Obtaining A Patent from

  Initially a patent application is passed through a formality review to make sure that the minimum parts are in the package. Some of the preliminary checks can include an identification of the inventors, that all ...

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Revised Google Books Settlement: Orphan works and competition from

Billy Barnes is a JD candidate at the University of Toronto. Last Friday, Google filed a revised settlement agreement for the class action law suit regarding its Google Book Search service. The settlement addresses many ...

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IP Protection Secondary To Support For Small African Innovators from

Systematic and sustained programmes aimed at identifying and supporting African innovative talent may be a key part of Africa’s technological evolution, according to researchers and young entrepreneurs interviewed by Intellectual Property Watch. In the ...

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Defendants' Delay Sinks Bid to Stay Pending Reexam from

The court denied defendant's motion to stay pending reexamination even though a parallel lawsuit involving the same patents was stayed pending reexamination. "[Defendant] unreasonably delayed in seeking a stay, causing undue prejudice to [plaintiff ...

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Nil: The Value of Patents in a Major Crisis Such as an Influenza Pandemic from

I have posted a short draft essay to SSRN that is being published in the Seton Hall Law Review as part of their annual Health Law Symposium. The overall topic of the symposium is Preparing ...

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Concerning citations, SSRN, oppositions and Graham from

In a comment to the IPBiz post Does the US need European style oppositions? , Stu Graham correctly points out that the full article by Graham and Harhoff can be downloaded at the link provided by ...

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Taxpayers aren't venture capitalists, or zombies from

Comment to californiastemcellreport:

In terms of orthodoxy, I had commented earlier that the academics reviewing CIRM proposals are predisposed to follow paths already charted in the literature and in the relationships known to them. Venture ...

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The Digital Economy Bill - will it come in time? from

Nick McDonald of Browne Jacobson has written to the IPKat with the following:

"Her Majesty in yesterday's Queen's Speech said the following: "My Government will introduce a Bill to ensure communications infrastructure that ...

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What Inventors Can Learn from Skateboard Icon Tony Hawk from

For some time I have wanted to write an article discussing what independent inventors can learn from skateboard icon Tony Hawk. In the October 2009 edition of Entrepreneur Magazine there is an article about Tony ...

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WIPO and the Future of Intellectual Property from

Nirav Bhatt is an LLM candidate at Osgoode Hall and is taking the Intellectual Property Theory course. WIPO has been the forefront organization within the United Nations (UN) dedicated to develop a balanced and accessible ...

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Method for Getting an Interview with David Kappos from

Last week I chatted via phone with Terry Carter, a journalist working on a story for publication in the ABA Journal. We talked about a number of different patent topics, and I am certainly looking ...

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More on oppositions for the US patent system from

Mr. Graham posted a comment to the IPBiz post titled Concerning citations, SSRN, oppositions and Graham , which comment reads:

Mr. Ebert is correct on several points here - the problem of SSRN downloads is one that ...

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