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post image Wednesday whimsies from

Official Proclamation: for the sake of consistency and the avoidance of confusion, the IPKat and Merpel do hereby decree that the round-up features that appear on this weblog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays shall henceforth ...

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post image Copyright Access for the Disabled and Collaborative IP Policy from

In previous posts, we covered the Right to Read Campaign, a campaign aimed at increasing access to copyrighted works for the print impaired. As many of you know, most works of literature, science and ...

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post image Supreme Court Denies Every Penny Counts' Cert Petition Regarding Claim Construction from

On October 5th, Every Penny Counts, Inc. ("EPC") filed a petition for writ of certiorari regarding its pending litigation against various companies regarding gift cards.  The Question Presented by EPC to the Supreme Court was ...

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post image Maximising IP and Intangible Assets: new report from

IP Finance has recently received information concerning the new paper from Athena Alliance, Maximizing Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets: Case Studies in Intangible Asset Finance. This report may be accessed from Athena's website here ...

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post image Community patents and ULPS: a secret system? from

Writing earlier today on his IP::JUR weblog ("EU Community Patent and UPLS: Will There Be A Political Breakthrough Soon?") Axel H. Horns provides an update on his post of 2 November ("EU Community Patent ...

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How Not to Invent a Patent Crisis from

F. Scott Kieff and Henry E. Smith authored a chapter in the book "Reacting to the Spending Spree: Policy Changes We Can Afford" which examines challenges the Obama administration faces today, and in the foreseeable ...

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Upcoming Pennsylvania CLE to Focus on e-Commerce from

The Pennsylvania Bar Institute (PBI) has planned a continuing legal education course that will focus on the legal matters affecting e-commerce. Now in its sixth year, PBI’s e-commerce update will provide an update on ...

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Court Strikes Summary Judgment Motions Sua Sponte for Circumventing Page Limits Rule from

Sua sponte, the court struck plaintiff's four summary judgment motions. "Local Rule 7-2(b) provides that a motion may not exceed twenty-five pages in length. . . . In an attempt to circumvent the page limits imposed ...

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Interesting IP issue at CIRM from

from the californiastemcellreport:

Don Gibbons, chief communications officer for CIRM, said in an email,

“After your inquiry, we contacted Square 1 to see if they would reconsider their request to treat the pricing information as ...

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Google adds free legal case law research from

Via this article: Free Legal Research by Google & What It Means : My Shingle, Google has released the ability to search case law for free, including state case law. UNREAL. To test it out, use this ...

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US Court To Decide On Amended Google Book Settlement from

On 13 November, an amended settlement agreement was filed with the Court by the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and Google in Authors Guild v. Google, and a motion for preliminary approval of ...

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From 中文.cn to 中文。中国: The Introduction of Internationalized Top-Level-Domains from

Amanda Carpenter is a JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. Many thanks to Bijan Soleymani, a M. Eng Candidate at McGill University. [Note: This article includes non-Latin characters (such as Chinese language characters). The ...

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Call to Action: Amici Briefs in ACLU Gene Patent Challenge from

Recently I received an e-mail with a link alerting me to something posted on the 271 blog relating to Bilski. The video (viewable on the 271 blog) is taken from a movie about World War ...

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On horse-training methods and Bilski oral argument from

In the post My favorite quote from the Bilski v Kappos SCOTUS oral arguments, the Invent Blog mentions the horse-training patent inquiry of Justice Scalia, which included text:

JUSTICE SCALIA: You know, you mention that ...

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Leo v Sandoz - follow the instructions or lose the case from

According to UK and European patent law, an invention in a patent claim is not new if what is claimed has been made available to the public before the priority date of the application. There ...

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Announcing "Got Invention Radio" from

I've had the privilege of working with inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, and author Brian Fried on some of his patents. Very impressive inventor and businessman. I've watched with pride as he's worked to ...

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Most cited law profs from

from the Madisonian in March 2009:

1.) Posner, Richard A. cited 12,586 times in 251 articles.
2.) Sunstein, Cass R. cited 11,521 times in 267 articles.
3.) Epstein, Richard A. cited 6,194 ...

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Panel Discussion on Bilski from

The Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property (PIJIP) Washington College of Law, American University and the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA) will host a panel of experts to discuss the much debated Bilski v ...

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Have you ever seen two less likely allegedly similar marks? from

Although he is generally reluctant to criticise individual IP rights owners for seeking to protect their market position, and equally reluctant to criticise those members of the IP professions who represent them, there are times ...

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Vacatur: Judge Posner Agrees to Vacate Inequitable Conduct Holding Based on Settlement Agreement from

New Medium v. Barco (N.D. Ill. 2009) Seventh Circuit Appellate Judge Richard Posner heard this case sitting by designation in the Northern District of Illinois. The final judgment is interesting in relation to the ...

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UK High Court: Get Your Ducks in a Row for Entitlement of Patent Priority from

In a case highlighting the importance of ensuring a correct chain of title when filing a patent application, the UK High Court addressed the issues of loss of priority due to an incomplete assignment, as ...

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