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post image Taking umbrage with Umbro, or a strange way to license a sports brand from

It's amazing how you can go for ages without coming across a good case involving brand licensing issues, then suddenly two come along in quick succession. Having only recently reviewed the logo sponsorship deal ...

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post image Blackwater IP from

Blackwater (Moyock, NC) is pretty controversial. But like them or not, they have IP-- eleven U.S. patents and patent apps, see them all here.

Consider Target System, from 5/30/2006, invented by Jim ...

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post image "The most happening times": so what about IP transactions? from

The IPKat's friend Aaradhana Sadasivam (KhattarWong) has been pondering on the impact of the world at large upon the content of IP licences. She writes:
"We all have to agree that we are alive ...

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post image Unfortunate, but curable from

In Leo Pharma A/S and Leo Laboratories Ltd v Sandoz Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 1188 the Court of Appeal for England and Wales (Lords Justices Jacob and Patten) today dismissed Sandoz's appeal against ...

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post image Bloomberg v The New York Times: Who Will Provide the Contents? from

While academics (particularly the U.S. kind) continue to engage in the "high protection/low protection" struggle for the Ivory Tower soul-of-copyright theory, a quite a different struggle is taking place at the level of ...

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EPO - many more changes coming next year from

Contrary to initial impressions, the EPO Administrative Council meeting a couple of weeks ago was not a complete waste of time. Although the AC failed to elect a new President (see here, here and here ...

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Brazil Issues Retaliation List Of US Products; IP-Protected Items In Next Round from

Brazil has announced the list of 222 American products that could suffer retaliation with tariff rates of more than 100 percent of the value when imported to Brazil. The list could be followed by another ...

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Design Patents: Mueller & Brean from

Professor Janice Mueller & Daniel Brean have posted a new working-draft article on design patent protection. The article argues "that courts and the USPTO have previously unrecognized flexibility in how they apply the nonobviousness requirement to ...

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Complaint Alleging Sale of Infringing "Goods" Fails to State a Claim of Patent Infringement from

Defendants' motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim was granted. "Plaintiff alleges that 'defendants were selling goods that infringe upon Plaintiff’s . . . patent.'. . . [T]hese allegations are all too conclusory to support a ...

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IP Job Opportunities in Pune and Gurgaon from

Two key IP positions are open at one of India's leading law firms, details of which are below.

If interested in applying, please write to spicyipjob[at] with your CV.

Location: Pune ...

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Dudas whacked by PatentHawk, but what about Lemley? from

In a post titled Heritage of the Heretic, Gary Odom [Patent Prospector / PatentHawk] goes after former-USPTO Director Jon Dudas:

In the ultimate backfire, political hack Jon Dudas has left his mark on the patent office ...

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Post EBay Injunctive Relief from

IP Today has published an interesting report on permanent injunction decisions since the Supreme Court's 2006 decision in eBay v. MercExchange. The authors found 67 district court injunction decisions. 48 (72%) granted relief; 19 ...

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Patent on Tax Refund System Deemed Invalid under Section 101 from

H&R; Block v. Jackson Hewitt (E.D. Tex. 2009) E.D. Texas Magistrate Judge Love has recommended that H&R; Block's advance-tax-refund patents be held invalid for failing to claim patentable subject matter ...

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Protecting Developing Countries through the Trips Agreement: What is the Real State of Play? from

Wiseman Ubochioma is a doctoral candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University and is taking the Intellectual Property Theory course. The TRIPS Agreement has always been heralded as a milestone achievement recorded in ...

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SpicyIP Tidbits: Global Health Policy- when is the price right? from

Our readers will remember this post by Suchita which apart from a highly memorable picture from Shrek, also dealt with the important issue of profit margins in terms of pharmaceutical manufacture. And now, SpicyIP ...

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Obviously Non-obvious and Patentable Inventions Part I from

Once again I find myself traveling for PLI, this time I am in an airplane heading for Oakland, California, with the final destination of San Francisco, California via taxi. This will be the last live ...

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Microsoft's US 7,617,530 from

Claim 1 says:

One or more computer-readable media having computer-readable instructions therein that,

when executed by a computing device, cause the computing device to present a user interface in response to a task being prohibited ...

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SIU's unintentional plagiarism concept as contrived sophistry? from

IPBiz reproduces the following comment from c-ville news & arts, for the purpose of noting that it was not written by LBE (although it evokes many themes seen on IPBiz):

Adopting the recently contrived sophistry of ...

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Obviousness - type double patenting from

Of a comment on 17 Nov 09 to the post Double-patenting "does in" Boehringer's Mirapex [27 June 08], obviousness-type double-patenting is a judicially-created doctrine to keep a patentee from getting additional patent lifetime out ...

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