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post image France: the new IP litigation regime from

Via the 24IP Law Group comes news of the reorganisation of the French intellectual property court system. According to a recent circular:
"In two decrees dated 9 October 2009 the French Government has reorganised its ...

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post image Design Patents: Functionality and a Trade Dress Gap Filler from

Bissell Homecare v. Wildwood Industries (W.D. Mich. 2009) This case is not likely to move much beyond the pleadings because the accused infringer (Wildwood) has declared bankruptcy. Wildwood sells replacement filters for Bissell vacuums ...

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post image Great Scott! from

All but the IPKat's most recent readers will recall his post earlier this month about the sad saga of Wal-mart's UK presence Asda not being able to face an early date for a ...

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post image Legality of Grey Market Goods in India from

Sai Deepak did an excellent post capturing the essence of a recent judgment by Justice Muralidhar (of the Roche vs Cipla fame). While the judgment got it right in several places, and will come as ...

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post image Race team finds winning formula in court from

Litigation over sponsorship deals is not such a common event, so the IPKat was delighted to have a chance to read up on the reality behind the glamour. The case he has just been looking ...

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post image Monday miscellany from

Following the mention of The Logo Game in last week's Friday Fantasies, the IPKat has received, courtesy of Shoosmiths' Joe Stephenson, this informative snippet from the game's manufacturer Drummond Park, together with his ...

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But how much does piracy really cost? from

Last Monday Intellectual Property Watch posted this item on a subject very close to my heart. Penned by Catherine Saez, "Panel Calls For Disclosure Of Industry Methodology Assessing Losses To Piracy" raises the issue of ...

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Could we end up paying to subvert our privacy rights? from

Virgil Cojocaru is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Ms. Jennifer Stoddart, in a letter to the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security concludes that the ...

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Library Of Alexandria A Symbol Of Egypt’s Efforts To Lead On Knowledge Access from

ALEXANDRIA - Dining on fresh fish beneath a golden sunset overlooking the Mediterranean beneath which lie the remains of the ancient Library of Alexandria, the conversation turns to the invention of written language. A light-hearted debate ...

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Ghost-writing (plagiarism) in the biosimilar business? from

In a NYT article titled In House, Many Spoke With One Voice: Lobbyists’, Robert Pear discusses how numerous Congressman had remarks which were written by a lobbyist "written in" to the Congressional Record. Both Democrats ...

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Wikis and Law Firms from

Some useful articles/posts on wikis and law firms: Law Practice Today :: Using Wiki Technology to Streamline Information Sharing and Document Management Tasks Slaw: Wikis and KM at Law Firms teamwork with ...

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Patenting a sports strategy? from

Now that the issue of patenting a sports move is back, perhaps someone will advocate patenting a sports strategy.

The failure of the New York Giants to hold the San Diego Chargers seems to have ...

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Of jellyfish, Schatten, and SCNT from

Recent internet chatter about the invasion by giant Nomura jellyfish evokes memories of Gerald Schatten, the one-time collaborator of stem cell fraudster Hwang Woo Suk, whose [Schatten's] earlier claim to fame had been creation ...

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Women and IP: Finding the Elusive Balance in Intellectual Property from

Amanda Carpenter is a JD Student at Osgoode Hall Law School and Katrina Leung is a JD Student at Queen’s University. On 6 November 2009, IP Osgoode and the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies ...

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Court's Prior Experience With Patents-in-Suit Does Not Override First-to-File Rule from

Defendant's motion to dismiss in favor of a first-filed action in Delaware was granted. The location of witnesses favored venue in Delaware and the court's prior experience with the patents did not override ...

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Supreme Court Refuses Harjo, Redskins Can Keep Trademark from

While it is not easy for a Dallas Cowboys fan like myself to write about a Redskins victory with any enthusiasm, the Washington Redskins clearly scored a bigger victory on Monday than any victory this ...

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Patently-O Bits and Bytes: New Job Openings from

Patent Prosecutor - Law Firm - Woodbridge, N.J. Patent Counsel - Small Corporation - Cambridge, Mass. Patent Attorney (Prosecution) - Law Firm - Alexandria, Va. Sr. Intellectual Property Counsel - Law Firm - Boston, Mass. Patent Agent/Associate - Law Firm...

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Book Review Monday: Intellectual Property Rights and the Life Science Industries from

I aim to shed light on the extent to which advance in the life sciences was directed by the profit motive and the availability of the patent system … and on the ways that the patent ...

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ED Tex: Computerized Business Method Patent Fails Bilski Test Under 35 USC 101 from

H&R; Block Tax Services v. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Inc., No. 6:08-cv-37 (E.D. Tex., Nov. 10, 2009)

H&R; Block sued Jackson Hewitt in February 2008 alleging infringement of patents relating to ...

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