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post image Letter from AmeriKat: Bilski v Kappos from

Yesterday the AmeriKat was walking through the V&A;’s new Maharaja exhibit, absorbing all the luxuriant turquoise and gold colours speckled through miniature watercolours and 245 karat diamonds inlaid in jewelled encrusted necklaces. The ...

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post image Blastocysts questions for ECJ from

Kristof Neefs (Altius) has informed PatLit of a press release from the German Bundesgerichtshof. Germany's Supreme Court has referred a question to the ECJ in respect of Article 6 of the Biotech directive, which ...

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post image Heritage of the Heretic from

In the ultimate backfire, political hack Jon Dudas has left his mark on the patent office. Dudas demeaned the PTO by being openly hostile to its bread-and-butter clientele, patent applicants, with proposed rules that would ...

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post image Bundesgerichtshof refers human stem cell patent case to ECJ from

In a dispute between the acclaimed German scientist and inventor Oliver Brüstle and Greenpeace about the patentability of Brüstle's German patent DE 19756864, the Bundesgerichtshof has last Thursday decided to refer to the ECJ ...

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BPAI Sikahemas NTP re-exam decisions from

From 1201Tuesday on the re-exam decisions on NTP patents:

If you're looking to do your own analysis, however, you'll have to jump through some hoops. That's because those decisions are no longer ...

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On not practicing patents from

Recall Patent Nonuse and the Role of Public Interest as a Deterrent to Technology Suppression [Kurt M. Saunders, 15 Harv. J. Law & Tec 389 ] which begins with text from Jack Kerouac's novel, On the ...

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Google Book Settlement- Indian Government Protests...Finally from

Don’t Be Evil” apparently is the unofficial slogan of Google; though, it isn’t clear if this Hammurabic finger-wagging precept is Google’s pearl of wisdom to the rest of the world or if ...

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SpicyIP Tidbits: The UPOV Uprooting Participation? from

An interesting article in IP Watch caught the attention of the SpicyIP team this week. In keeping with our endeavour to increase transparency and discussion on intellectual property related topics, this article in IP Watch ...

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No Climate Deal in Copenhagen Good for Green Patent Rights from

The Wall Street Journal is reporting good news for patent owners, in particular those holding patents on green technologies. President Obama, who is currently attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Shanghai, China, along with ...

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A Brief Defense of the Written Description Requirement from

by Michael Risch The Federal Circuit’s upcoming consideration of Ariad v. Lilly has generated a fair amount of buzz among those who follow patent policy. The dispute arises from the interpretation of 35 U ...

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