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post image Von Dutch Tradename Settlement Gives Rise to Legal Malpractice Action and Questionable Mediation Confidentiality Decision from

by Michael D. Young

Here we go again.  A California appellate court has judicially created another exception to mediation confidentiality -- this one for alleged attorney malpractice occurring during the mediation but outside the presence of ...

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post image All Red Hat and No Cattle from

The open source software crowd have had their knickers in a twist for some time about patents, being fervently against them, and having more generally quaint notions about intellectual property, including copyright. Patrick Anderson provides ...

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A photon is not a photon! from

From Bob Park:

Photons induce cancer by the photoelectric effect, breaking chemical bonds and creating mutant strands of DNA. In 2001, I was invited to write an editorial on cell phone hazards for the Journal ...

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"They're back!": patenting sports moves from

Just when you thought law reviews were getting safe, the Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. Law Journal published : IT'S YOUR TURN, BUT IT'S MY MOVE: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY PROTECTION FOR SPORTS "MOVES" [25 Santa ...

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Lehman on patent reform and slack-jawed lawyers from

Bruce Lehman, who as Commissioner of Patents & Trademarks (aka Director) opposed the creation of a publicly-available patent database, weighed in on patent reform in commenting on the case Centocor v. Abbott:

So, in the Centocor ...

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