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post image "Let's rumble ..." but how much is it worth? from

From Lee Curtis (Harrison Goddard Foote) comes this link to a trade mark which is reputed to have netted its owner Michael Buffer $400 million: the catchphrase slogan "Let's get ready to rumble". The ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat II: Bits and Bobs from

• $1.26 Billion Reprieve for PepsiCo - On Friday a Wisconsin judge vacated the $1.26 billion judgment in default against PepsiCo (see last week’s AmeriKat letter here). PepsiCo stated that they were now looking ...

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post image Breaking news: Nokia customs seizure case for ECJ from

The IPKat has just received a message from Hayley Hill (Rouse) which is of great excitement to him. It reads as follows:
"On 9 November 2009 the Court of Appeal decided to refer questions ...

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post image Examining US patent examinations from

Stanford Professor Mark Lemley is probably the most prolific academic writer on IP at the moment. In his latest (well, latest when I hit post – it might well be his second latest paper by the ...

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post image Letter from AmeriKat I: Of Patents and Politics from

Last week, as the AmeriKat dragged herself from the office late the other night, she was lucky enough to watch a fiery blossom of fireworks explode over Soho Square in celebration of Guy Fawkes Night ...

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Argument Day in Bilski at US Supreme Court from

Later today the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Bilski matter. It is not an overstatement to say that the fate of much future innovation rests squarely on the Supreme Court ...

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Plagiarism, sock-puppeting and the Dead Sea Scrolls from

The Gothamist writes:

Posting online comments under multiple aliases is apparently against the law, at least in the case of Raphael Haim Golb, 49, who is suspected of using 50 different e-mail addresses and monikers ...

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Local Interests Favor Transfer of Dispute Between Swedish Plaintiff and Pennsylvania Defendant to Pennsylvania from

In recommending a grant of a Pennsylvania defendant's motion to transfer venue from the Western District of North Carolina, Asheville Division, to the Western District of Pennsylvania, the magistrate judge found that the "interest ...

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Scheduled SCOTUS Oral Arguments in Bilski v. Kappos – November 9, 2009. from

Oral arguments in Bilski v. Kappos are scheduled for today, November 9, 2009. Previous AT! coverage of Bilski here, here, here, and here. In short, the CAFC in Bilski has held that business methods are ...

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"The best of times and the worst of times": US Ethernet and Apple from

In October 09, there was some buzz about US Ethernet suing Apple and others over patents US Ethernet obtained from 3Com.

From AppleInsider on 19 Oct.:

the lawsuit from U.S. Ethernet Innovations targets Apple ...

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Business Method Patents: Technological Change, Not Judicial Activism from

By Professor John Duffy The last two decades have seen an extraordinary growth in the number of patent applications for business technologies and methods. Critics of business method patents tend to assign responsibility for this ...

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Kappos Announces New Initiative to Speed Examination for Small Entities from

On Friday, PTO Director David Kappos, speaking at the 14th Annual Independent Inventors Conference, announced a new intiative to speed examination for small entities that should also have the benefit of reducing the backlog of ...

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Handicapping Bilski from

This afternoon, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Bilski v. Kappos which focuses on statutory subject matter and the patenting of business methods, software, and other similar inventions. The Federal Circuit ruled that methods ...

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Working of Patents and S.107A(b) from

The judgment of the Delhi High Court in Strix Limited v. Maharaja Appliances, is not only written lucidly but also clarifies elegantly, certain contentious provisions of the Patents Act, 1970. The facts of the case ...

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Bilski Arguments Complete at the US Supreme Court from

At 2pm ET on November 9, 2009, Chief Justice John Roberts gaveled the session to a close announcing that the case has now been submitted. The arguments were good, and the Court was most assuredly ...

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"On the Scene" Reports and Blogs from SCOTUS Bilski Arguments from

From Gene Quinn, IPWatchdog:
Justice Ginsberg seemed to me to be the most openly hostile toward business methods, as well as the US patent system in general. She mentioned with a certain incredulous attitude the ...

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Supreme Court Hears Bilski v. Kappos from

As she has done with past cases, Jill Browning provides the following same-day analysis of the Supreme Court oral arguments in Bilski v. Kappos. By Jill Browning The Federal Circuit, sitting en banc, affirmed the ...

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Class 89 Expanded: Cross-Reference Art Collection Subclasses from

Just in time for Remembrance Day (Veterans Day in the U.S.), the USPTO has added a series of cross-reference art collection subclasses (901-939) to Class 89, Ordnance. The changes are outlined in Classification Order ...

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Class 705 Reorganized from

The USPTO has abolished subclass 14 in Class 705 and replaced it with three dozen subclasses, 14.1 through 14.73. The changes are contained in Classification Order #1888, which was published on Sept. 1 ...

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Bilski v. Kappos: Supreme Court Arguments from

Bilski v. Kappos (Supreme Court 2009) (oral arguments) The transcript from the hour-long oral arguments are available online here. The following is the five-minute version of the questions and statements that I found most interesting ...

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