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post image At last, the Interflora questions -- all 10 of them! from

No-one ever died of a question but, the IPKat says, there are an awful lot of questions hanging over European trade mark law right now -- and they've just been added to. On 22 May ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: Court Gives the Go-ahead for “Jail” from

Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie “Jail”was given the go-ahead by the Bombay High Court in a copyright infringement action instituted by Sushila Sharma, the proprietor of a little known entity called Harsh Raj The Economic ...

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Does the US need European style oppositions? from

In a post titled Study Concludes U.S. Would Benefit From EPO-Style Opposition , the 271Blog quotes from the Graham/Harhoff study pushing PGR:

This market power either allows the patentee to extort licensing fees, or ...

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The "wearing down" fallacy as to examiners and editors from

Way back in 2004, Mark A. Lemley and Kimberly A. Moore in their "Ending Abuse..." paper [ 84 BULR 64 (2004) ] wrote at page 65:

the structure of the PTO suggests that continuations may well succeed ...

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Stays Pending Appeal from

Novo Nordisk v. Caraco Pharma (Fed. Cir. 2009) Unlike most interlocutory orders, the grant or denial of preliminary injunctive relief may be immediately appealed. A district court only awards preliminary injunctive relief after determining that ...

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Making the Case Against First to File from

NOTE: This was originally written as a comment to my article Much Ado About Nothing Over First to File. It is posted here as an article with the permission of Ron Katznelson. ************************ I generally respect ...

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Biofilm, Bugs and Bioreactors: The IP Behind Coskata’s New Biofuel Facility from

In a previous post, I wrote about Coskata’s patent-pending ethanol production process. The Illinois-based cellulosic ethanol company’s proprietary technology makes ethanol from various feedstocks by converting it to synthesis gas, or syngas, and ...

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Taking a ride in a Tesla Roadster from

The 5 Nov 09 issue of "The Somerset Reporter" had an article titled 'GrEEn Day 2009' in Warren wll recieved [sic] which mentioned that, for a nominal fee, visitors could take a ride in Tesla ...

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Cartoons for blogs? from

Note the site intelsinsides.

Unlike with patent troll tracker, at least one knows who is running it.

***Separately, "60 Minutes" on Nov. 8 discussed possible issues with computer hackers (from China?) disrupting the power grid ...

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