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post image Friday fling from

The list of forthcoming events is even more burgeoning than ever! Since not everyone has the leisure to peruse it, specialist sub-lists have now been set up for events that are specific to patent litigation ...

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post image Using the Power of Social Media to Win Copyright Fight from

The following from Carolyn Elefant at My Shingle:

[T]his recent article from NPR . . .  reports on Rock Art, a local Vermont brewery that successfully fended off a copyright challenge by the national company that makes ...

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post image Charity chips and dodgy patent claims from

The IPKat wrote a while ago (here, and updated here) about what turned out to be already a very old story relating to a patent application apparently made by the charity ActionAid UK. Thanks to ...

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post image Committal for contempt not fit for 'grey area' disputes from

Lord Hoffmann started the mini-trend of dropping down a court, and now Lord Justice Patten has been at it too. The case in question (cases, actually) is (i) Alan Grisbrook v MGN Ltd, Scottish Daily ...

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Committal proceedings not the best way of resolving infringement issues from

It’s not often that PatLit turns to a copyright case for inspiration, but the resolution of patent infringement issues gets a mention in Grisbrook v MGN Ltd and others [2009] EWHC 2520 (Ch), a ...

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French HADOPI Law, Now Complete, Can Brandish Its Weapons from

The French Constitutional Council yesterday gave its ruling about the constitutionality of a French bill aiming to protect literary and artistic intellectual property rights online, and decided that the bill was in conformity with the ...

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US Chamber of Commerce Takedown Notice Targets Parody Site from

The United States Chamber of Commerce industry group has issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice against a ‘parody’ website that mocked the Chamber, according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Earlier this week, a ...

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Expert's Failure to "Originate, Author or Understand" His Own Written Opinions Did Not Warrant Exclusion of Testimony from

The court denied plaintiff's motion to exclude the reports and testimony of defendant's technical expert on the grounds that the expert "did not originate, author or understand several of his opinions." "[Plaintiff] cites ...

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The balance between 35 USC 122(c) and 37 CFR 1.99 from

Further to a discussion of 35 USC 122 [
Not Schrodinger's cat
], one notes that the mandate of 122(c), which states:

(c) PROTEST AND PRE-ISSUANCE OPPOSITION.- The Director shall establish appropriate procedures to ensure ...

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Curia replies to Sir Kat -- and it's good news! from

Yesterday the IPKat carried on his campaign for the Curia website to fix the defective images of Community trade marks and signs that are supposed to be shown embedded in the judgments of the Court ...

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New USPTO procedures likely to delay action in Requests for Continued Examination of patent applications from

When patent applicants receive a final rejection from the USPTO, they currently have three options: (1) appeal the final rejection, (2) abandon the application, or (3) amend the claims and file a request for continued ...

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The Making of a Good Patent Related Press Release from

One of the most frustrating things I encounter when blogging is finding a really great story courtesy of a press release and then realizing that the press release provides so little useful information that it ...

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US Federal Circuit May Offer Patent, Tech Policy Guidance For High Court from

WASHINGTON, DC - The United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals should act more like a teacher to the Supreme Court and do a better job explaining its policy reasoning when it makes decisions on innovation-related ...

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Patent Litigation Weekly: Revealed! How Much Money a "Patent Troll" Makes from

This week: a motion filed by a convicted felon/inventor spills the details of how he, patent-holding company SP Technologies, and the Niro Scavone law firm divvied up the loot from a set of suits ...

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Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Amended Bill Banning Pay-For-Delay Settlements from

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass a compromise version of the bill by members Herb Kohl (D-WI) and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) banning pay-for-delay settlements that keep generic drugs off the market. The ...

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