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post image The Role of the Washington DC District Court in Patent Cases from

Stuart Soffer has provided information on an interesting spike in patent litigation filings in the Washington DC Federal District Court (DDC). As the chart below shows, more patent cases against the USPTO have already been ...

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post image Can One Contract Around a Trade Secret?: Further Comments from

I do not usually follow up a blog post. I will make exception, however, in connection with the blog post of Monday, "Can One Contract Around a Trade Secret"? The Comments received (8 at last ...

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post image Comfy-chair court says skilled reader 'taken to know patent law' from

Readers of this weblog with good memories will recall the Kat's earlier post on the Virgin Upper Class seat litigation. To recap briefly, on Wednesday 21 January, in a mammoth judgment of some 344 ...

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post image O servidor, O mores -- still no joy over Curia's invisible images from

Those images of trade marks that refuse to be shown on the Curia website (see earlier post here) are still rankling with the IPKat. The results of the snap (40 hour) poll of readers indicated ...

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post image God Save the Cream – when punk rock icons and subversive ice cream collide from

The Sex Pistols are threatening boutique ice-cream maker Icecreamists with actions for passing off and trade mark and copyright infringement for utilizing the slogan “God Save the Cream”, the band name and images from the ...

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post image Kentucky in no state to seize domain name from

Here's a little curio, courtesy of the LexisNexis Butterworths Update service: it's
Pocket Kings Ltd v Safenames Ltd and another [2009] EWHC 2529 (Ch), a 16 October 2009 decision of Michael Furness QC ...

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New Administration Seeks to Further Limit RCE Filings from

Patently-O has reported on a memo from PTO Director Kappos that explains a change in docketing procedures for Requests for Continued Examiantion (RCEs). Under current PTO procedure, RCEs are treated like a continuation of prosecution ...

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Judge Sleet Imposes "Limit of 10 Disputed Terms Per Patent" Rule from

The court struck the parties' join claim construction chart and ordered them to file an amended version. "The parties have submitted for construction 19 terms from [the patent-in-suit]. Although disinclined to do so in the ...

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Earlier press hype over Ida the missing link now being undercut from

Malcolm Ritter of AP writes:

Remember Ida, the fossil discovery announced last May with its own book and TV documentary? A publicity blitz called it "the link" that would reveal the earliest evolutionary roots of ...

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Not Schrodinger's cat from

In a post titled Be All You Can't Be: Army Patent Ambushed by Friendly Fire, Aaron R. Feigelson describes a patent that "ran out of time" before it issued. Aaron's point is that ...

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Army Had Received Two Previous Dead Patents from

It gets worse... It turns out there is more to the story of U.S. Patent No. 7,604,811, the Army patent that issued this week with an expiration date in 2004. Incredibly, the ...

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European Commission Paper On Single Market For Creative Content from

The European Commission on 22 October published a “reflection paper,* available here (pdf), highlighting the challenges of creating a European digital single market for creative content, according to a press release. The paper was released ...

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"Twittering taco trucks," or was that patent reform? from

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric on Oct. 22 had a piece on the NJ governor's race. The photo angles were particularly flattering to challenger Christie. [So far nothing on the CBS webpage.] CBS ...

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Jobs and Apple Seek Patent on Operating System Advertising from

Earlier today a pending non-provisional utility patent application assigned to Apple Computer published. This application, US Patent Application 20090265214, is titled Advertisement in Operating System, and covers exactly what the title implies; namely an operating ...

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A plagiarism "top ten" list from

Amber Johnson emailed a link to her Top 10 Plagiarism Scandals of All Time . Only one of her "top ten" has appeared on IPBiz, that relating to Harvard student Kaavya Viswanathan .

Obama is on the ...

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Aquamarine Power Harnesses Wave Energy with its Oscillating Oyster from

Aquamarine Power is a Scottish wave energy developer that recently completed a first round of fundraising (10 million British pounds) and deployed a full scale demonstration model of its Oyster wave energy converter. International Application ...

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Google Wave Tips and Tricks from

A group of my local (Boise) geek friends have been using Google Wave to share Google Wave tips and tricks with one another was we each kick Wave’s tires. Here are some of the ...

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Spy v. Spy: BIO’s Intellectual Property Counsel Committee Conference from

BIO’s Intellectual Property Counsel Committee is holding its Fall Conference and Committee Meeting on Oct. 26-28, 2009, at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington, DC. BIO’s semi-annual IP Counsels’ Committee Conference is an ...

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