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post image Do you get the picture? from

Today's ruling in Case T-307/08 Aldi Einkauf v OHIM - Goya Importaciones y Distribuciones (4 OUT Living) is a decision of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities on an appeal by ...

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post image IP Hall of Fame, 2010 from


The IP Hall of Fame honours individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the global Intellectual Property system. Inductees to the Hall ...

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post image We Welcome IP Watchtower to the IP Blogsophere! from

That incredibly bright, accomplished and talented woman ringing your virtual doorbell is not -- I repeat not -- trying to sell you her religion, but is delivering up-to-the-minute news and analysis on the most important intellectual property ...

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post image Call for Papers: Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law from

The Indian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is accepting papers for its third volume to be released in 2010. The Journal is published by the NALSAR University of Law. Contributions are invited in the form ...

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post image The GPL and you. Dont be confused from

The blogosphere has picked up on a recent presentation on the open source GNU General Public License called “Unravelling the Complexities of the GPL” (here). I think they finish up on the right point, but ...

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post image Be All You Can't Be: Army Patent Ambushed by Friendly Fire from

You may recall the brouhaha back in the Reagan era when it was discovered that the Navy had purchased some very expensive ($600) toilet seats. I remember comedian Emo Phillips around that time joking about ...

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post image Supreme Court Citation to Federal Circuit Decisions in Patent Cases from

The Supreme Court has been deciding patent cases for almost two-hundred years. The Federal Circuit has less than thirty years experience. With that perspective, it may be no surprise that the Supreme Court rarely cites ...

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post image "Translational medicine" -- from

The IPKat is always a little suspicious of terminology with which he is unfamiliar, particularly if he hasn't coined it himself, but he's always pleased to share his concerns, and his thoughts, with ...

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post image Irish make IP-friendly amendments to Finance Act from

In "Tangible Tax Relief for Intangible Assets", written for International Law Office by Aoife Murphy and Robin Hayes (WhitneyMoore), the authors welcome changes in the Irish tax set-up that will benefit intellectual property rights owners ...

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post image Hundred Years War, or merely Thirty? Goalless Draws and Penalty Shoot-Outs from

No strangers to litigation, whether in the UK or elsewhere, that lovable duo of Bud and Bud have been back in the Court of Appeal (England and Wales), which has just given its latest pronouncement ...

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post image Patent litigation in the US and Japan: what's the difference? from

PatLit is pleased to announce that on Tuesday 8 December it is holding a seminar at which the speaker is Professor Toshiko Takenaka (Associate Director, Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Law and Policy Director, CASRIP ...

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New York Times caught copying from

An article in the Guardian begins:

Phil Bronstein, executive vice president and editor-at-large of the San Francisco Chronicle, has exposed the New York Times for "borrowing" a Chronicle story.

Bronstein also noted: To be fair ...

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Management 101 at the USPTO? from

On 1 October 2009, Ed O'Keefe reported in the Washington Post:

In a move designed to improve employee morale and to help reduce a growing backlog, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office proposed ...

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Is previously undisclosed prior art admissible at trial to show the state of the art? It depends on the court. from

Plaintiffs' motion in limine to exclude defenses and prior art disclosed 31 days before trial was granted in part. "[Defendant argued] that the evidence disclosed in its §282 Notice is intended to show only the ...

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Lamy Reports On TRIPS Consultations from

Director General Pascal Lamy of the World Trade Organization reported today to member states on his most recent consultations on outstanding issues of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). He was ...

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Academics Debate Patent “Exhaustion Doctrine” from

Can a patent-holder ask for royalties from third-party purchasers? The United States Supreme Court said ‘no’ in the 2008 landmark case Quanta Computer Inc. v. LG Electronics Inc. (IPW, US Policy, 25 June 2008). But ...

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Open Source Success Must Embrace Proprietary Features from

As the open source movement continues to mature the industry is increasingly recognizing that truly free and purely open software does not provide a usable business model that can and will allow for growth. As ...

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FTC Endorsement Guides Impact Bloggers and Twitterers from

I just gained another new follower on Twitter (IP_Privacy), and when I went to my Twitter account to follow in return I noticed they had tweeted an article from the Washington Post regarding the FTC ...

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"The bigger the backlog, the messier the tangle"?? from

From Timothy Prickett Morgan at ITJungle:

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is going to scrap rules that the Bush Administration put in place to ...

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Latest News from the Office from

A few quick notes about the goings on of late at the Office.

The USPTO's new website went online on October 8th.

The Office has withdrawn its proposed Continuation Rules Changes. You can read ...

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Bits and Bytes from

Duke Law Professor Arti Rai has started work at the USPTO as the "Administrator for External Affairs." Although not a registered patent attorney, Rai had a focus on biochemistry at Harvard and attended one year ...

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