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Patents run amok? from

Rob Preston of InformationWeek writes :

The system wasn't conceived to enrich inventors. It was set up to encourage innovation, and stimulate the job creation and broader economic and societal value derived from innovation. Letting ...

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Corporate loyalty and the Cable/Hanson story from

Underlying the story of the (alleged) assault by Raider's coach Tom Cable upon Randy Hanson is the personal dynamic. suggested a tension because Hanson had been hired by Davis, not by Cable ...

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Accidental GB designation causes problems from

When a European application is granted designating the UK, the resulting EP(UK) patent has, according to section 77 of the UK Patents Act, the same effect as a patent that was granted by the ...

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SpicyIP Tidbit: Role of Science in Policy-Making from

Its been more than a week since Sumathi forwarded this interesting link to a guide on including scientists in innovation policy making, published by UK's National Environmental Research Council (NERC). NERC sees itself as ...

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The value of in-house IP counsel experience from

From a press release at Reuters:

"We believe that attorneys with experience as in-house IP counsel possess a
much better ability to translate business goals into IP strategy
," continued
Mr. Jonathan Levitt. "Patent GC attorneys ...

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P3 and Smartlabs Settle Plug-in Energy Meter Patent Suit from

In a previous post, I discussed a patent suit between P3 International (P3), a New York consumer electronics company, and SmartLabs Inc. (SmartLabs), UPM Marketing Inc. and UPM Technology USA, inc. (collectively “UPM”). In that ...

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Oct. 11 "Cold Case" a knock-off of Law & Order SVU from

The 11 Oct. 09 episode of "Cold Case" featured a plot line wherein a judge [ Judge Harold “Harry” Alvarez played by Miguel Perez ] was channeling juvenile offenders to a facility [Havenhurst] in which his sister-in-law ...

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