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post image Woollies, Wellies and Alworth -- a correction from

Following the IPKat's posting yesterday here on activity involving various Woolworths-related (or unrelated) activities, the Kat has received the following information from the registered trade mark attorney representing Wellworths Ltd who tells the Kat ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbit: The Laddu and after from

SpicyIP ran a guest post recently on a post-grant analysis of the Tirupati Laddu geographical indication (GI). The post itself received an overwhelming response from readers, most of whom were in agreement with the author ...

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post image IP litigation summit -- coming to a computer near you from

PatLit has just received news of a free online webcast summit on “Intellectual Property Litigation” to be held this Friday, 8 October. The summit, hosted by BrightTALK, features six presentations from leading IP experts as ...

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Patent Auctions not the Solution for Patent Trolls from

Amanda Carpenter is a JD Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. On September 21, 2009, The New York Times featured an article entitled “Patent Auctions Offer Protections to Inventors”. This article is about the story ...

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Device Capable Of Infringing Use Is Not Exempt From Liability Because Such Use Is "Improper, Unknown, And Dangerous" from

Accused device could be found to infringe even though the infringing use would be "improper, unknown, and dangerous," provided such use did not require any physical alteration of the accused device. "[Defendant] argues that the ...

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Friendster: IP in Social Networking from

Friendster has 19 million worldwide monthly unique visitors per Comscore, but has been passed by (see MySpace and Facebook).

Still, they have IP-- five social networking patents between 2006 and 2009 including U.S. Patent ...

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Bioscience Event for Innovators and IP Professionals from

Event: CincyBio 2009. The Bioscience Event for Innovators and IP Professionals Date & Time: Wednesday, November 4, 2009 7:30AM – 4:30PM Event Description and Agenda: Lessons from the Trenches: Biomedical Device Case Study Lessons from ...

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Secretary Locke Pushes for Action on Patent Reform, Increase in PTO Fees from

On Monday, Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing the Administration’s long-awaited views on S. 515 and patent reform in general. The letter noted that the Administration ...

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Is now the time to get a patent? from

    A new commissioner of the Patent Office is in town, and he is adjusting the system by which Examiner’s are compensated and motivated. In particular, Commissioner David Kappos is urging that the Patent Examiner ...

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Iceland Panel: French 3-Strike Rule Spreading But Not Best Option from

COPENHAGEN - A panel discussing the copyright challenges posed by social media at a recent conference in Iceland concluded that while new and stricter regulations as proposed in France may not be a bad idea, the ...

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It's faster by CTM -- but should it be? from

The IPKat's friend Alfred M. Strahlberg (Strahlberg & Partners, Switzerland) has written to him on an interesting feature of the international trade mark application mechanism:
"Unopposed Madrid Protocol designations of international trade mark applications are ...

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They Invented What? (No. 150) from

U.S. Pat. No. 3,677,263: Portable bath capsule. I claim: 1. A capsule for administering bed baths, comprising; an elongated sheath of strong, flexible, fluid tight material dimensioned to accomodate and completely enclose ...

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Plagiarism: a plot element on NCIS on 6 Oct 09 from

In the episode of NCIS titled " Inside Man " (Oct. 6, 09), the character "Thomas Victor " is a (former) judge, whose nomination to the Supreme Court (and judicial career) were de-railed by a blogger who accused ...

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Locke op-ed on patent reform: But thankfully, it looks like that's about to change. from

Commerce Secretary Locke writes in the San Jose Mercury:

Meanwhile, the patent laws that govern the examination process date to the 1950s and are greatly outdated. This disconnect has contributed to a lengthy backlog of ...

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Patently Silly is patently hilarious from

One of the “old school” patent blogs is Daniel Wright’s Patently Silly blog where he covers the lighter side of patents. I’ve known Daniel for quite a few years (through blogging), and have ...

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Personality interest in Music Copyright from

Marsha Cadogan is a Ph.D candidate at Osgoode Hall and is taking the Intellectual Property Theory course. Personality interest in Music Copyright - Commentary on Professor David D. Troutt’s article “I Own Therefore I ...

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