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post image Montblanc's 'Gandhi pen' lands in court from

"I have no copyright in my portraits but I am unable to give the consent you require."

Thus wrote Mahatma Gandhi in May 1931, in response to manufacturer who wanted to use his portrait in ...

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post image Applying for Patents does pay: Wockhardt wins Kudos from the Indian Government from

Wockhardt Limited, a renowned Indian pharmaceutical and biotechnology company (logo image taken from here) that has its base in Mumbai, has recently earned quite a significant accolade from the Government of India for the ...

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post image The Romans, the Germans, the Spanish and interim TM relief from

The IPKat's friend, scholar and MARQUES activist Carles Prat writes to him with a topic for discussion which he describes as "quite academic but which, in Spain, has reached some practical -- and undesirable -- consequences ...

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post image What if the solution to global warming was known, patented and withheld? from

We've all heard this one before.  The solution to global warming (read fuel efficiency, cleaner water, cold fusion, perpetual motion, etc) has already been found, patented and withheld by a secretive organisation that will ...

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post image Friday flappings from

Over sixty forthcoming events are currently listed in the IPKat's sidebar. Check them out: one (or more) might be just what you're looking for!

ActionAid UK has demonstrated that even the most serious ...

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post image What Are Valuable Patents: Does The Question Matter? from

David Wanetick (Incremental Advantage) has shared with IP Finance his latest paper, entitled "How Patent Vulnerability Impacts Valuation". A copy of the full text can be found here. Wanetick considers four principal topics: (i) What ...

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post image The One That Got Away from

Leland Stanford Junior University and Cetus researched HIV in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Written "agreements provided Cetus with licenses to technology that Stanford created as a result of access to Cetus's materials ...

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UK Considers Introducing Single Publication Rule for Defamation from

Stuart Freen is a JD candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. The UK Ministry of Justice recently published a consultation paper entitled “Defamation and the internet: the multiple publication rule“. The consultation revisits, as its ...

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USPTO Proposes Incentives for Examiners to Reduce Patent Application Pendency from

On September 20, the USPTO announced a proposal to overhaul its patent examiner “count” system — which is the system on which examiners’ evaluations and compensation are largely based. The USPTO’ goal is that the changes ...

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Accused Letterman extortionist "48 Hours" producer from

Newsday wrote:

You are about to hear a great deal about this man in the next few hours -- the man police and now, CBS -- have identified as the Letterman extortionist. But here's what I ...

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Students for self-plagiarism? from

An article by Anthony Siino in the Orion (of Chico State University) describes a discussion between students (saying self-plagiarism is all right) and faculty (saying it isn't):

Toward the end, a heated discussion on ...

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Successful Defendant Ordered to Pay Attorneys' Fees and Costs Associated With Unsuccessful Invalidity Defense from

Although the jury found in favor of defendant, the court awarded plaintiff its attorneys' fees as to defendant's unsuccessful claim of invalidity. "[Defendant's] actions in pursuing the counterclaim of invalidity long after it ...

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Judge Michel on patent reform, again from

Peter Zura at the 271Blog has a post on Judge Michel on patent reform.

On Kappos as USPTO Director, IPBiz notes that David Kappos has experience with "nuts and bolts" issues of patents at IBM ...

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The influence of World War I on US patents from


Section §1498(a) was first enacted in 1910, and was subsequently broadened in
order to aid the government’s procurement efforts during World War I
. As the ...

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Back to Blogging from

After a hectic work schedule and a gap of more than two months we are back to our regular blogging. We sincerely apologize to our readers that we abruptly stopped postings without intimidating about our ...

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The Count System Version 2.0 from

The Office on Wednesday afternoon notified the examining corps of the details of their proposal for a new count system.

The Broad Brush

The new count system includes the following elements:

  • Count System Changes and ...

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Sharon Barner of Foley named Deputy Director of USPTO from

Sharon R. Barner, who was head of IP at Foley & Lardner (and based in Chicago), has been named Deputy Director of the US patent office.

Coincidentally, it was Barner who announced the move of the ...

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Cardiac Pacemakers v. St. Jude: Section 271(f) Does Not Apply to Method Claims from

By Yuri Mikulka and Spyros J. Lazaris || Following the lead of the U.S. Supreme Court in its 2007 Microsoft Corp. v. AT&T; Corp. decision, the Federal Circuit ruled that 35 U.S.C ...

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PTO Deputy Director: Sharon Barner from

The USPTO has announced that Sharon Barner of Foley & Lardner has agreed to become Deputy Director of the USPTO. Barner is the head of Foley's large IP department and has been a supporter of ...

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