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post image TPA Housekeeping: New Address, Phone, E-Mail from

The Prior Art has returned to San Francisco, where I share an office with sister publication The Recorder. Please note that office has moved to a new address: 1035 Market Street, Suite 500, San Francisco ...

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post image On Teaching "IP as a Cost"; "IP as a Profit Centre" from

I had an interesting phone conversation this week with US colleagues who are planning to deliver a course on IP at their local business school. The discussion got me to thinking about doing some tweaking ...

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post image Trade secrecy: two books reviewed from

Here are a couple of books that each have confidentiality as their theme -- but they are very different. The first, which deals with confidentiality in the world's most populous jurisdiction, is The Protection of ...

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post image Buzz Aldrin's 3 Patents from

Buzz Aldrin, the 2nd man ever on the moon, has three patents-- see them here.

Multi-crew modules for space flight was issued in 2004--

A system for launching a space for humans into orbit comprises ...

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post image India: will IP litigation be both 'punctual' and 'faithful'? from

Thank you, Amit Jamsandekar, for sending the Kats this fascinating (and blessedly short) ruling of the Indian Supreme Court on 16 September in Bajaj Auto Limited v TVS Motors Limited, MANU/SC/ 1632/2009 which ...

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post image Patent search tool: any comments? from

Kristin Whitman (Senior Content Editor, has emailed to ask what PatLit readers think. She writes:
"I work for the Alexandria-based search firm Landon IP (you may have heard of us through our contract ...

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Hold everything guys isn't IP already clearly understood and important? from

Listened to another great podcast today from John Byrne at Business Week.

This time the cover story at Business Week is their annual survey with Interbrand of the global top 100 brands.  We've blogged ...

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"Plagiarism and the College Culture": a microcosm of the patent reform debate? from

A review of the book by My Word!: Plagiarism and College Culture by Sara D. Blum suggests that the plagiarism debate on university campuses is quite similar to the patent debate:

However, Blum suggests, the ...

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"Troll tracker case" settles from

Joe Mullin reported that the Frenkel/Albritton defamation case settled before jury deliberations. The key factor was a ruling by the judge that the jurors would have to find "actual malice" on the part of ...

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Brands that are weird – Avoiding the Waldo Paradox from

The Ignite phenomenon is bubbling up throughout the world and it is happening within the state of Oklahoma as well (yes, even Oklahoma!) Last week was the first Ignite Tulsa event and our own Emily ...

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Grouping Accused Products, Alleging Compliance With Industry Standard Prove Fatal to Infringement Claims from

In granting defendant's motion for summary judgment of noninfringement, the court rejected plaintiff's "shortcuts" of grouping accused products and asserting that compliance with an industry standard constitutes infringement. "When plaintiffs filed this patent ...

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CAFC Makes it More Difficult to Prove Fraud on USPTO from

At the beginning of August 2009 the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued its decision in Exergen Corp. v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., et al., Case Nos. 2006-1491, 2007-1180 (Fed. Cir. 2009 ...

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WhoGlue sues FaceBook for patent infringement from

The first claim of US 7,246,164 states:

A method for managing the sharing of personal information among a plurality of users of an online relationship management system, the method comprising the steps of ...

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Excluded Icon? Paice ITC Action Seeks Prius Importation Ban from

A U.S. patent historically has provided its owner with an almost absolute right to exclude others from making, using, selling and offering to sell the patented product. That all changed with the U.S ...

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Re-clarifying the aims and conclusions of the Mashelkar Committee Report from

The Economic Times recently carried an op-ed by a 'Delhi-based lawyer and a member of the National Working Group on Patent Law (NWGPL)' on the Report of the Technical Expert Group on Patent Laws (TEG ...

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Patent Map from FreePatentsOnline from

FreePatentsOnline has launched a new patent mapping service called Local Patents. The service combines inventor and assignee city data from 3 million US patents and published applications with a map of the US generated by ...

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What health care providers need to know about social networking sites from

My colleague Andrew Siegel recently wrote an article discussing important legal issues facing health care providers who use blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking tools to distribute health care-related information. As Andrew writes: Hospitals ...

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BPAI: 101 Rejections Shouldn't Be Based on Implication If Hardware is Disclosed from

Ex Parte Azuma, Appeal 2009-003902 (BPAI, September 14, 2009)

The Appellant filed a patent application which claimed, among other things,
“[a] computer program product for causing a computer to translate a text in a first ...

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