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post image If You Haven't Given Legal Blogging a Second Thought, Think Again! from

If this tremendous article on legal blogging (and in particular ADR blogging) from this summer's ABA Dispute Resolution Magazine Only Connect the Impact of Blogging on the Field of ADR  by Diane Levin doesn ...

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post image Patented Treatment from

Prometheus Labs got patents (6,355,623; 6,680,302) on "methods for calibrating the proper dosage of thiopurine drugs, which are used for treating... autoimmune diseases." "[N]on-responsiveness and drug toxicity may complicate treatment ...

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post image IP and Innovation, in the Service of SME's from

I was following the various tweets and blogs from the prodigious Duncan Bucknell of the iconic IPThinkTank blog in connection with the recent CIP Forum in Gotenberg, Sweden on the "Future of Innovation". One blogpost ...

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post image Friday fanfare from

It's surprising how quickly Friday comes round again -- and with it the golden opportunity to check on all those exciting forthcoming IP events that are listed in the sidebar. One small thing, says the ...

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post image Troll Tracker Defamation Lawsuit: Trial Underway from

Eric Albritton's defamation lawsuit against Rick Frenkel and his former employer Cisco Systems is underway in the Eastern District of Texas. The whole controversy began when Albritton's litigation team (on behalf of ESN ...

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Recent Federal Court of Australia Decision Places IP rights in the Hands of Academics, not Universities from

A recent appeal initiated by the University of Western Australia (UWA) was dismissed by the full Federal Court of Australia, which upheld the decision to place intellectual property rights into the hands of academics, and ...

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Abandonment Does Not Invalidate Patent, But May Render It Unenforceable from

The magistrate judge recommended granting plaintiff's motion for summary judgment as to defendant's invalidity defense to the extent it was based on a theory of abandonment, i.e., that plaintiff's predecessor intentionally ...

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"A high level of scientific illiteracy in the investment community" from

On the topic of biofuels, see the article "Interest in algae's oil prospects is growing," by Tiffany Hsu in the Los Angeles Times, which has quote from, among others, Biofuels Digest editor Jim Lane ...

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Australian Federal Court: Amend Patent Claims Before Filing Suit from

An Australian Federal Court decision provides a reminder to diligently review issued patent claims in view of newly-emerged prior art before filing suit. Apotex Pty Ltd v Les Laboratoires Servier (No 2) [2009] FCA 1019 ...

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IP in the Annie Le case? from

One poster at websleuths has speculated on the involvement of intellectual property in the Yale murder case involving Annie Le:

I agree with most of the theories so far -- workplace rage. But, I also agree ...

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100 not out for UK-IPO opinions - or is it 98? from

The UK-IPO has proudly announced today of the 100th (according to their calculations - see below) Patent Office Opinion to be issued since section 74A came into force in 2005. By some sort of happy coincidence ...

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Opposition To Aspects Of Google Book Project Settlement Mounts from

Google’s court settlement in the United States that could allow the search engine giant to sell scanned books online is increasingly coming under fire prior to the final hearing in the matter next month ...

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It’s been pretty clear that in the last month or so that the services (e.g., PAIR, PatFT/AppFT, TESS, TDR) provided on the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website ( are ...

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Johnny Ward and Eric Albritton on Troll Tracker blog: "Let's get this shut down." from

Plaintiffs T. John “Johnny” Ward Jr. and Eric Albritton took the stand in the closing days of this week’s closely watched Troll Tracker defamation trial, with Albritton tearfully telling the jury that two posts ...

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IP in movie "Duplicity" from

The word "patent" is mentioned twice, and text from an issued patent appears at the end, signaling the final twist in the plot. The molecule was known! [Those into patents figure out the ending seconds ...

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