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post image Patent Oppositions in India: The "Efficacy" of Section 3(d) from

Last week, CH Unnikrishnan of the Mint reported on a study that I had conducted with my research associate, Souvik Guha. Let me highlight some of the findings of this study prior to moving on ...

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post image Commission tells IP community, "Forget better legal protection, it's not going to happen" from

Via the IPKat's 1709 Blog friend Hugo Cox comes this link to Press Release IP/09/1313 concerning the European Commission's latest take on IP enforcement, "Intellectual Property Rights: Commission comes forward with ...

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post image That DHL case again ... again from

For a case that the Court of Justice of the European Communities has yet to hear, Case C-235/09 DHL Express France SAS v Chronopost SA (noted by the IPKat here and later here) has ...

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post image Troll Tracker defamation case goes to trial -- opening statements heard from

A hot, muggy, Southern rainstorm came down in short squalls in Tyler, Texas, Monday morning, drenching the city’s central square just as jury selection got underway in the Patent Troll Tracker defamation case, being ...

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post image Challenges to Mediation and Mediated Settlement Agreements in the Courts with a Link to ADR Malpractice Series from

Pertinent to my new series on avoiding ADR malpractice, there's a great (but now dated) law review article entitled "Disputing Irony: a Systematic Look at Litigation Concerning Mediation" (.pdf) ( Harv. Negot. L. Rev, 2006 ...

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post image Tweaks to the UK patent system from

As from next month (4th October, to be precise), the UK-IPO will be implementing two fairly minor tweaks to the UK patent system, one of which is designed to make the work of patent examiners ...

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post image The biggest issue in IP management? from

This caused a bit of a stir at the CIP Forum.  Do you agree?

Perhaps none of the speakers in the IP and IA management track in last week's brilliant CIP Forum in Goteborg ...

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The Patent Backlog Cannot Be Solved With Harmonization from

EDITORIAL NOTE: What follows was submitted by Ron Katznelson as a comment to Why a Global Patent System is a Bad Idea, which took issue with the articulate position of Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel ...

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Obligation to Disclose Best Mode Does Not Include Superior Configuration for Particular Application from

Defendant was entitled to summary judgment on plaintiff's best mode defense based on the testimony that, in one particular application of the patented invention, defendant "discovered a particular rail spacing superior to all others ...

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PLI Hosts Briefing on Green Technology Patent Litigation from

I hardly keep it a secret that the Practising Law Institute is a sponsor of, although not necessarily the views expressed herein, which are mine alone. Occasionally I engage in some outright promotion ...

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France’s HADOPI 2 Passes (Again) from

French legislators today voted into law, by a margin of 285 in favour to 225 against, a pioneering bill allowing authorities to cut off internet access and impose fines and jail sentences on those found ...

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CAFC Up for Grabs, Harmonization and the US Economy from

Several weeks ago, as summer was winding down and most of us were enjoying some slow times and gearing up for back-to-school, preparing for Labor Day festivities, on vacation or studiously studying fantasy football player ...

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Advanced Patent Drafting Workshop Being Organised by CII from

Confederation of Indian Industry & Andhra Pradesh Technology Development and Promotion Center is organizing an

Advanced Patent Drafting Workshop on Patent Drafting & Technical Skills
(Better Training, Better Writing and Better Patents)

Date: 5-6 October 2009

Venue ...

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Kappos Sets Goals for New PTO Administration from

New PTO Director David Kappos was the keynote speaker at the Intellectual Property Owners (IPO) annual meeting in Chicago. Kappos set forth a bold agenda for reform at the PTO. Specifically, Kappos noted that although ...

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Interview on Legal Issues Related to Open Innovation and Open Innovation Summit Discount from

OPEN INNOVATION INTERVIEW WITH BRADEN KELLEY I recently was interviewed by Braden Kelley of Blogging Innovation about the interplay between Open Innovation and the law. For those interested in Open Innovation topics, Braden’s blog ...

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"INS v. AP" in the 21st century: ABC, CNBC on Obama/Kanye West story from

In the context of the Hartford Courant plagiarism matter, IPBiz mentioned the relatively old Supreme Court case of INS v. AP to discuss some of the 21st century issues in the Courant situation. The INS ...

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Patent reform 2009: least likely of the unlikely? from

An article by Grant Gross in PCWorld titled Technology Issues on Back Burner in US Congress mentioned five technical issues before Congress that are sitting on the back burner, of which patent reform was mentioned ...

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Kappos Gives First Public Address at IPO Annual Meeting from

IPO has now concluded its annual meeting here in Chicago, where one of the many highlights was David Kappos serving as the "kick-off" speaker. In his speech (now posted on the USPTO site), Kappos discussed ...

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Seminar on UNCITRAL and security rights in IP from

As previously reported on the IP Finance weblog, work has been continuing on a Draft Supplement to the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions dealing with security rights in intellectual property, as revised further to ...

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"Patent Troll Tracker" Trial Begins in E.D. Tex. from

Anyone who has followed the patent blogs since last year is familiar with the now-defunct "Patent Troll Tracker Blog", penned by Rick Frenkel, who, at the time, was in-house patent counsel for Cisco. When commenting ...

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