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post image Internet citations: the EPO gets up-to-date from

A reader has kindly drawn to the IPKat's attention to a 7-page document from the European Patent Office, published in the Official Journal EPO 8/9 2009 (click here for full text): it's ...

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post image Can Branding Save Motorola's Handset Business? from

The handset, and more particularly, the smartphone industry, is particularly interesting from the IP point of view. I can think of no consumer hi tech industry in recent times where there is such a variety ...

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post image Friday forever! from

It's almost everyone's favourite day of the week, time to check out the IPKat's ever-growing list of forthcoming events in the left-hand side bar of his weblog. There's so much on ...

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Funds For US State Dept. Global IP Enforcement Training from

The United States State Department has received requested funding to operate 11 projects totalling nearly $4 million in fiscal year 2009 “combat transnational crime and promote the protection of intellectual property rights worldwide,” according to ...

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Why Have Software Patents and Not Literary Ones? from

Software patents have been criticized frequently in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Computer programmers argue that they can make programming impossible for both commercial and for non-profit projects. Some analysts have noted that ...

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Seinfeld defends/wins copyright infringement case from

Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry, successfully defended in SD NY against a copyright infringement suit brought by Missy Chase Lapine.

In terms of bad reportng, note the text:

The judge in New York threw out ...

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BIO on patent reform 2009 from

PatentDocs has the following text:

Andrew Noyes from Congress Daily asked about patent reform, and Brent Delmonte, BIO's Vice President for Governmental Relations said that BIO hopes for support for the Senate bill, a ...

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"Catch and release" model is catching from

Recall the recent flurry of media coverage over the "catch and release" model of Intellectual Ventures? [IPBiz:
Intellectual Ventures' "catch and release" gambit

Allied Security Trust is doing a similar thing.

From Ars Technica:

Zemlin ...

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Withholding Documents Concerning Plaintiff's Standing Warrants $335,000 Sanction from

Following the court's dismissal of plaintiff's claims on the basis of lack of standing, the court awarded defendant $335,000 in fees and costs incurred litigating the standing issue as a sanction for ...

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World Patent Court? You're off your trolley ... from

The best thing to come out of the IPKat's recent Dilbert post ("Not enough to make a Kat laugh ..." here) was the anonymous posting of an item the Hemi Patent Sketch. Its subject-matter is ...

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The Meaning of “Patented Invention” in 35 U.S.C. § 271(f) from

In the 1972 case of Deepsouth Packing Co. v. Laitram Corp, a bare majority of the Supreme Court ruled that exporting three separate boxes of parts that could be assembled abroad into a patented deveining ...

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IP, Technology And The Next Green Revolution For Africa from

Achieving poverty alleviation, particularly in rural areas, will require aid to agriculture, on which three-quarters of the world's poorest depend for their livelihoods. Intellectual Property Watch asked Kanayo Nwanze of the International Fund for ...

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Professor Aarti Rai to the Patent Office? I Sure Hope Not! from

I wish I had some inside information to pass along, but I do not. All I can seem to come up with is unsubstantiated rumor and innuendo, but the report the other day from Patently-O ...

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Federal Circuit Vacates Damage Award Against Microsoft from

The Federal Circuit today vacated a damage award of $358 million against Microsoft in Lucent Technologies, Inc. v. Gateway, Inc. The court ruled that the jury’s damages verdict lacked sufficient evidentiary support. Many in ...

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IgniteOKC – Leadership Committee Meeting from

Want to be a part of something cool in Oklahoma City? Well – come help us prepare for IgniteOKC. We will provide some snacks and drinks – you provide your brain and creativity. What is Ignite, you ...

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Inventors Digest Extends Deadline for Teen Essay Contest from

About 6 weeks ago I mentioned that Inventors Digest was holding an essay contest for teens in order to celebrate National Inventors Month, which is in August ever year. Realizing that the timing was conflicting ...

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