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post image Mystery Graph of the Day from

I created the following graph after reading the Federal Circuit's 3-2 claim construction reversal in Martek. Can you guess what the graph represents? Mystery Solved by Joe Helmsen from Pepper Hamilton. Joe writes “I ...

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post image 23andMe & IP from

23andMe has two patent apps, let's take a look:

United States Patent Application 20090119083
, Family Inheritance (5/7/2009)
Displaying a comparison of genetic data is disclosed, including receiving an indication of a first ...

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post image Patents, pirates and programs -- a random thought from

Fascinated by the growth of the Pirate Party around Europe in recent months, PatLit tried to do a little research on it. This is because, while that party's support for file-sharing without copyright restrictions ...

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post image Federal Circuit Declines to Consider Claim Construction Arguments from

Fresenius USA, Inc. v. Baxter Int'l, Inc. (Fed. Cir. Sept. 10, 2009)

In this case, the district court (Northern District of California) entered final judgment that the plaintiffs infringed claims of three patents asserted ...

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post image IP Enforcement costs and SMEs: can you help? from

SABIP (the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy) is an independent publicly-funded body which is tasked with the role of feeding strategic advice to the British government on all manner of IP issues. These ...

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post image Climate, carbon, collaboration ... from

The IPKat has been reading a fascinating press release from the UK's Intellectual Property Office on the subject of climate change. It runs like this:
"The development and production of new low carbon technologies ...

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Lime beer sparks another round of lawsuits between Labatt and Brick from

Beer companies are notorious for their litigious ways and this summer has seen a continuation in the legal drama. In May 2009, beer giant Labatt Brewing Co. Ltd. launched a lawsuit against the Waterloo-based Brick ...

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Why a Global Patent System is a Bad Idea from

A little over a week ago, in a blog post written by Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel Horacio Gutierrez started what will certainly become one of the most profound debates the patent and innovation industry ...

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Federal Circuit Debates Stays Pending Reexamination; Injunctions when Claims are of “Suspect Validity” from

Fresenius USA, Inc. v. Baxter International, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2009) Three judges, three opinions with a unanimous majority opinion written by Judge Gajarsa and two competing concurring opinions by Judges Dyk and Newman. The majority ...

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Controlling Access to Online Service is not Control of End Users Sufficient to Support Joint Infringement from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment of noninfringement of its "health-care information software product," because neither defendant's customers (health care providers) nor the end users (patients) performed all steps of the ...

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Truth in advertising: the meaning of "other whitefish" from

Within a story by WILLIAM J. BROAD in the NYT titled From Deep Pacific, Ugly and Tasty, With a Catch about the use of hoki in various fish sandwiches, one has the text:

Now, Ben ...

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Accelerated Examination from

BNA (subscription service) reported on a webinar presented by CPA Global that touted the benefits of the PTO’s accelarated examination option for patent applications. Accelerated examination is an option available to patent applicants who ...

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