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post image The Rising Importance of Method Claims from

The chart above shows the percentage of issued patents that have at least one method claim grouped according to the year of issuance of the patent. Here, I defined a method claim as one which ...

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post image What really happens to bankrupt brands? from

BrandChannel today features a piece, "After the Fall: What Really Happens to Bankrupt Brands", by freelance brand consultant and author Barry Silverstein, which touches an issue of continuing interest to this weblog while also reviewing ...

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Domain Tasting: Clever & Strategic Business Practice or Sneaky Underhanded Manoeuvre? from

“Domain tasting” refers to the practice of registering a domain name and taking advantage of the 5-day Add Grace Period (AGP), which is activated upon registration, for the purpose of assessing the profitability of said ...

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The Strange Case Martek Biosciences v. Nutrinova from

The Federal Circuit has recently issued some highly controversial decisions, such as In re Bilski now before the U.S. Supreme Court. But possibly the strangest this year is Martek Biosciences Corp. v. Nutrinova, Inc ...

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News aggregation as copyright infringement? from

While Frank James of NPR gave a superficial account of the plagiarism issues with the Hartford Courant [ see

America's oldest newspaper apologizes for plagiarism
], Chris Powell, managing editor of the Journal Inquire, delved into ...

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IN RE ROBERT SKVORECZ: confusion over comprising? from

The Skvorecz case examines the meaning of a fundamental term used in claim drafting, the word "comprising."

In a re-issue proceeding, the claim was:

1. A wire chafing stand comprising
a first [an upper] rim ...

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District court upholds jury verdict against Medtronic in Synthes case from

Reuters reported: "We are pleased that the court has upheld the jury's verdict," said Michel Orsinger, president and chief executive of Synthes.

The patent infringement case involved the Maverick, A-Mav and O-Mav brand devices ...

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