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post image Letter from AmeriKat II: ISPs, Catcher and i4i from

What blows in the 2nd may not blow in the 9th

Two Fridays ago a San Jose California jury reached a verdict awarding statutory damages of US$32.4 million in favour of Louis Vuitton ...

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post image Duke Island Park. Concerts. Summer 2009. from

The last event In the Duke Island Park Summer 2009 Concert Series was the New Rascals on 30 Aug 09 [above]. In the white shirt is Gene Cornish, guitarist and original founding member of the ...

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What "The Beatles: Rock Band" teaches about innovation from

In a review of The Beatles: Rock Band by Randy Lewis in the LA Times, one finds some patent-related terms:

But one consequence of actually attempting to replicate their words, melodies, harmonies and rhythms in ...

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Of Yale Law School grads... from

from a news post about the recent resignation of Van Jones:

[Howard] Dean pointed to Jones' credentials as a Yale Law School graduate ... Though Jones signed a 2004 statement calling for an investigation into possible ...

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Most Common Preambles from

The following is a list of the most commonly used preambles based on an analysis of the first listed claim of the 2.1 million patent applications that have been published by the USPTO. Although ...

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"Is intellectual property law a scam?" from

In a thread on "JD Underground" titled "Is intellectual property law a scam?", LBE got a boost from one "henryhazlitt"-->

Kinsella is an interesting fella

I would ...

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WTO rules in favour of Brazil, allows for cross retaliation against U.S. IPRs from

The WTO Arbitration Panel in the Brazil-U.S. trade dispute, regarding the U.S. Government subsidies for cotton, ruled last week that Brazil could retaliate against the U.S.A to the tune of $ 300 ...

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Letter from AmeriKat I: winds of change and the USPTO from

The AmeriKat spent an inordinate amount of time trying to keep her skirts, jackets, and graduation gown from flying away in the autumnal winds and rain that arrived in London last week. It was not ...

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A little clarification regarding some blogs from

IPKat team member Jeremy is involved, one way or another, in quite a few weblogs which deal in whole or part with intellectual property. Since some readers have occasionally confused these blogs, or have sent ...

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The Patent Process on a Tight but Realistic Budget from

The patenting process can be very overwhelming and quite costly to an inventor who wishes to secure patent protection for their invention. But there are certain steps of the process that should not be neglected ...

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Turning TRIPS on its Head: Developing Countries and WTO Cross Retaliation from

Prashant carried a very interesting post on Brazil's latest WTO authorisation to cross retaliate against the US. Cross retaliation refers to the right to retaliate against another sector/agreement under the WTO, such as ...

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