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post image Summary of Local Patent Rules Affecting Claim Construction Practice (Part 2 of 5) from

Presently, eleven federal district court have enacted local patent rules. The rules are generally used to help streamline what can be very complicated disputes. Among these rules are rules that affect claim construction practice in ...

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post image Rethinking the USPTO Examiner Count System from

The USPTO uses a count system as one way to measure patent examiner productivity. Examiners receive one count for sending out an initial office action and a second count when the case is "disposed." As ...

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post image Criminalising patent infringement - "barking mad"? from

The BBC website today brings us the story of Trevor Baylis - "one of Britain's best-known inventors" and inventor of the wind-up radio - and his quest "to make stealing a patent a criminal offence". "That ...

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Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law: Friends or Foes? from

In several previous posts, we have debated on aspects of the interaction of IP with competition law
. These issues are all the more important in Indian intellectual property now, with the coming into force of ...

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UN Climate Report Envisions Modified TRIPS As Governments Seek Progress from

Scientists and bureaucrats meeting this week on climate change and weather data are struggling to move global discussion past general declarations of recognition and commitment to address environmental change. One bump under the rug at ...

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Two Motions to Transfer Venue From EDTX -- 1 Granted, 1 Denied from

Defendant's renewed motion to transfer venue for convenience was granted. "Much like in [In re Genentech, Inc., 566 F.3d 1338 (Fed. Cir. 2009)], there are a substantial number of material witnesses who reside ...

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"This is not entirely untrue" from

Text from the Time/ article titled The AARP and Seniors: Clashing Views on Health Reform:

Judging by comments at town-hall meetings, the elderly are also fearful that Democratic proposals would take funding away ...

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PTO Interim Guidelines on Patentable Subject Matter from

Last week, the PTO published new Interim Instructions for Evaluating Subject Matter Eligibility Under § 101. The PTO has requested comments on the Instructions during September. The timing of these Guidelines is a bit questionable. The ...

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WIPO Rules in Tata’s Favour on Cyber-squatting from

In a decision delivered on the 25th of last month, WIPO ruled in favour of Tata sons requiring Gurgaon-based travel portal MakeMyTrip to transfer the domain to Tata.

On behalf of Tata, it ...

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From Ashes to Dust – War at the Nets… from


Earlier this year (in April), the English High Court found Bestnet Europe, a British company manufacturing mosquito nets and its executives liable for breach of confidence for having misused Vestergaard Frandsen’s (a ...

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ECJ takes delivery of DHL reference from

On his travels at the moment, IPKat team member Jeremy was just checking the Curia website for hot news and he found this: a reference to the Court of Justice of the European Communities of ...

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Looking Forward to Another Exciting Year at IP Osgoode from

Giuseppina D’Agostino is the Founder and Director of IP Osgoode and an Assistant Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. Welcome back to another vibrant academic year at IP Osgoode! Since the launch of Osgoode ...

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Now It Begins? Litigation Rumors Surface Over Intellectual Ventures from

Intellectual Ventures (IV) has insisted for a long while that its accumulation of patents has nothing to do with patent litigation. In fact, the company has prided itself on not filing any lawsuits, despite the ...

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