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post image Auto-blogging TV Remote? from

Seems IBM is working on technology that would enable you to blog or tweet straight from the remote control of your TV.

Their patent 7,519,658 titled Automatic blogging during media viewin was issued ...

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post image Patent Litigation Weekly: Stanford Researcher Loses at PTO, Still Fights On from

In the April/May issue of IP Law & Business, we reported on the plight of Bob Shafer, a Stanford University scientist embroiled in a dispute with Luxembourg-based Advanced Biological Laboratories, S.A. (ABL). ABL claimed ...

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post image Microsoft v. i4i: Briefing the Appeal from

Microsoft v. i4i (On appeal at the Federal Circuit) In the past several years, courts have somewhat weakened patent rights. Three cases have been particularly important: (1) KSR v. Teleflex (making it easier to find ...

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post image Friday fanfare from

Can it really be Friday again, time to check that lengthening list of exciting events? The IPKat's sidebar is burgeoning with goodies. London, Brussels, Brighton, Geneva, Pavia, Paris, Brno, Buenos Aires, Montreux, Sandton: wherever ...

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post image Veggies sprout, claims shock report on crop diversity from

The IPKat's scholarly friend Paul J. Heald (Allen Post Professor of Law, University of Georgia, Visiting Professor, Oxford University 2009) has been busily writing up his study with Susannah Chapman on changes in crop ...

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post image Getting in a flap over copyright envelopes from

A most concerned reader of this august weblog (indeed, it will be august for just a few more days, still September kicks in) raises a most interesting issue:
"I was interested to note in the ...

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Breaking News: Supreme Court Dismisses Roche "Tarceva" Petition from

Earlier today, the Indian Supreme Court dismissed the special leave petition filed by Roche, challenging the order passed by the division bench of the Delhi High Court. However, the bench consisting of Justice Dalvir Bhandari ...

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The Mashelkar Committee Report on Incremental Patents: A 3-D Perspective from

The Mint carried an editorial of mine on the revised Mashelkar Committee Report. As with other previous posts on this blog, this is an attempt to bust prevailing myths regarding the Committee report and its ...

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Judge Robinson: "Bifurcation is Appropriate, If Not Necessary, in All But Exceptional Patent Cases" from

In bifurcating damages and willfulness from infringement and validity, the court explained: "Bifurcation is appropriate, if not necessary, in all but exceptional patent cases. . . . [I]n my experience, discovery disputes related to document production on ...

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"Patent litigation will be reduced to a free-for-all"? from

Microsoft's appeal brief in the i4i case (which produced an injunction as to Word) states:

if the ED Texas ruling stands, "Patent litigation will be reduced to a free-for-all, unbounded by the requirements of ...

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Informal UN Climate Talks Indicate Continued Divergence On IP Issues from

With 15 scheduled negotiating days left before a meeting in Copenhagen meant to set the global sustainability agenda for the next several years, the head of the United Nations agency tasked with coordinating the global ...

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Digital Library Europeana Said To Be Europe’s Answer to Google Books Settlement from

Google’s settlement in the United States of copyright infringement claims by authors and book publishers faces strong opposition from European publishers. The deal does not apply to books outside the US and one Google ...

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Zoominfo’s Blatant Copyright Infringement from

Every once in a while we do an Internet search to find out what is out there quoting to or me personally. We also try and make sure that others are not infringing ...

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Medical ghostwriting: like steroids and baseball? from

An article by NATASHA SINGER in the NYT titled Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy includes the text:

“It’s almost like steroids and baseball,” said Dr. Joseph S. Ross, an assistant professor of geriatrics ...

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