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post image Choc shock as ex-child wins face-off action from

Following the earlier saga of Russell Christoff's claim against Nestlé USA for wrongful face-lift, here's another face case, this time from Israel. This information comes from Monday's issue of Israel Today.

The ...

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post image Take a risk? First litigate, then choose your mate from

The Tech Transfer Blog is not a place you'd usually look for a discussion of patent litigation issues but, from that very source, here's an article called "Patent litigation: Sometimes it’s a ...

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post image "Wake up and smell the damages ..." from

Some people have all the luck -- or do they? Consider professional model Russell Christoff, for example. In 1986 Christoff was paid $250 to pose for a photograph which was to be used in Canada on ...

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post image Patented: Formula for Computing Wind Chill from

As if summer isn't closing down fast enough, this week gives us the issuance of the following patent, reminding us of what's around the corner.U.S. Patent No. 7,578,615 Method ...

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post image SpicyIP Tidbits: coconut-picking and musician-forgetting from

Where have all the nariyals gone?

The industries department of the Government of Kerala has announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh who can invent a coconut-picking machine. According to this report from the BBC ...

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Another new USPTO test from

Following the news that the USPTO has issued interim guidance to its examiners regarding the Bilski "Machine-or-Transformation" test (see here), the IPKat can now exclusively reveal that the USPTO have just issued further instructions to ...

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Apple Succeeds in Motion to Transfer Patent Case From the Eastern District of Texas to the Northern District of California from

Defendant's motion to transfer venue for convenience was granted. In addressing the "relative ease of access to sources of proof" factor, the court determined that the location of documents in the Northern District of ...

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Law Review Student Note Topics for 2009 from

Dear Law Review Editors: Please send me a note ( to let me know about patent law focused articles that you publish in your journal so that I can highlight them on Patently-O ...

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Nominations: Deputy Commish for Patent Examination Policy from

Lets be perfectly clear, the Patent Office does not call me and ask my input regarding anything, which should be readily apparent to those who read regularly. Had the Patent Office done so ...

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Mid-Atlantic Bio Looking For Emerging Companies from

Calling Emerging Company Presenters Application Deadline is September 23 Company presentations are one of the features that make Mid-Atlantic Bio unique. These presentations provide company executives with the opportunity to share informed insight into their ...

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A Name, A Copyright Assertion from

I’m trying to fill out paperwork with a client before his arraignment in federal court. The client is being somewhat cantankerous. After a making it through the language indictment, he states: “my name is ...

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A Review of Some of the Amici Briefs Filed in Bilski from

In earlier posts (here and here, for example), I have argued that recent developments will in the doctrine of patent eligibility, particularly LabCorp, Prometheus and Bilski, threaten to seriously undermine the ability of patents to ...

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Not All Invention Companies are Created Equal from

I was at work today, doing what I usually do. I talk to inventors who want to patent their inventions. I speak to so many different levels of inventors. There are those who have no ...

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ACLU Moves for Summary Judgment in Case Challenging Patentability of Gene-Based Inventions from

The ACLU has filed a motion for summary judgment asking a district court to invalidate many of Myriad Genetics’ patent claims directed towards the BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer genes. The challenged claims are directed ...

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