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post image Government U-turn on downloaders; parallel imports blames for pharma shortages from

Government revives downloader cut-off proposal

The IPKat has learned from the BBC that the Department for Business Innovation and Skills is to consult on whether the forthcoming Digital Economy Bill should include a requirement that ...

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post image The Correa Controversy: Clarifying Popular "Mashelkar Myths" from

Pursuant to our last post highlighting the rather trashy editorial by the Business Standard, here is an email exchange I've had with a friend. I am posting this here, only because it appears that ...

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post image Mashelkar vs Correa: Is a Malaysian NGO Taking the Business Standard for a Ride? from

Pursuant to our earlier post calling for the dumping of a trashy editorial by the Business Standard, we've received an anonymous comment to our post as below:

"Certain prominent peoples working in a malaysia ...

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post image Into battle! Will Dids save British design? from

That veritable Boudica of British Design, battling Dids Macdonald of ACID (Anti Copying in Design), is at it again. Rather than sit back and watch the invading hordes of infringing products stifle the profitability of ...

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post image A key is not a collar stay from

Jason Bier and Josh Gutstein are Chicago lawyers. They are also entrepreneurs. Several years ago, when stayed collar dress shirts were once again gaining popularity in the men's fashion world, Bier and Gutstein found ...

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Director Kappos: "Patent quality equals granting those claims the applicant is entitled to under our laws." from

In a recent e-mail to patent examiners, new USPTO Director Kappos focused on shifting examiners away from the mindset that rejection equals quality toward a focus on ensuring that patentable claims issue and that unpatentable ...

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USPTO Publishes Interim Guidelines for Subject Matter Eligibility from

Recognizing that "the state of the law with respect to subject matter eligibility is in flux," the USPTO has published interim examination instructions while waiting for the Supreme Court to decide Bilski. The PTO has ...

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Gettin’ Xyggy Wit Patents from

Dinesh Vadhia, CEO of Xyggy Corporation, gave us an early look at a new patent search tool Xyggy Patent, which allows you to search for similar patents using known patents as the query. The queried ...

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Licensee Lacked Standing to Sue Where Patent Owner Retained Rights to "Non-Commercial, Educational Use" of the Patent from

In granting defendant's motion to dismiss plaintiff's patent infringement claim for lack of standing the court rejected plaintiffs' argument that the rights retained by the patent owner were "insubstantial." "Plaintiffs acknowledge that the ...

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Australian Pharmaceutical Patent Term Extension for Patches and Implants from

Bill Bennett, of Pizzeys in Australia, sent a note detailing how in order to be eligible for an extension of term, the patent in question must claim “one or more pharmaceutical substances per se”, and ...

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Lobbyin’ Ain’t Cheap from

For the 2008 fiscal year Microsoft posted a profit of $17.7 billion USD. Of that massive amount $1.9 million Microsoft spent nearly $1.9 million in the second quarter lobbying on intellectual property ...

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Cardiac Pacemakers and 271(f) from

An August 24 post at istockanalyst begins:

Technology majors Intel, Apple, Cisco and Microsoft have won an appeals court ruling that limits the amount of patent damages they will have to pay for products shipped ...

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Microsoft v. i4i: Relevance of the Pending Reexamination from

[This post continues the discussion of emergency stays pending appeal that was begun here] i4i Ltd. v. Microsoft Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2009) Pending Reexamination: Microsoft has submitted its motion for a stay of injunctive relief ...

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