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post image Patent Litigation Weekly: Juniper’s Novel Defense Tactic Attracts Unlikely Allies from

Peter Shipley is a Bay Area hacker and patent-holder who sues technology companies under the corporate name Enhanced Security Research, LLC. In 2007, ESR sued Juniper Networks in district court in California for patent infringement ...

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post image Because today is Friday: some "divine" patent entertainment from

Our readers know that Friday is the traditional day of "light IP" on this blog and so the IPKat thanks Neil Thomson (Boult Wade Tennant) for alerting the kat to US patent US 2007035812 -"for ...

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post image Friday fizzle from

As the autumn conference and seminar season looms large, there are even more events lined up than usual. Please remember to check them out on the IPKat's side bar! Some are free, some are ...

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post image European Commission to commission research into IP systems from

The IPKat notes that the European Commission's DG Internal Market has recently issued two IP-related invitations to tender (both available here).

One concerns patent quality and is described thus:

The European Commission's Directorate-General ...

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post image Judge puts Strip Party on hold from

Interim injunctive relief to stop use of the word "nude" may not have been granted (see earlier IPKat post here and Class 46 post here), but the word "strip" has fared rather better.

Right: from ...

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post image from

There's a powerhouse set of classroom tools now available for America's teachers.

A good example is Denton, TX-based eInstruction which was founded in 1980 by Dr. Darrell Ward, and pioneered the use of ...

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Australian Fast Track IP Litigation from

Recently the Federal Court of Australia introduced a fast track IP litigation procedure which makes copyright and trademark litigation faster and more cost effective. Studying the Australian fast track procedure is fruitful because Canada also ...

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More confusion about EP divisionals from

The IPKat doesn't understand why amendments to the law are often not fully thought through before they are brought in. Such is the case with the upcoming amendments to Rule 36 (among others) of ...

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Thesis Advisor for Inventor's Research was not a Co-Inventor from

The court granted defendant's motion for summary judgment on plaintiff's inventorship claim, rejecting plaintiff's argument that the named inventor's thesis advisor was a co-inventor. "The Court concludes that the record evidence ...

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On herding entrepreneurs and innovation from

In July 2009, Michael Arrington (founder of TechCrunch and proclaimed undisputed king maker of Silicon Valley Internet startups) interviewed Gary Reback, antitrust lawyer. Within the text Google’s Looming Antitrust Issues, one found a line ...

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NUJS IP Talk: Raj Gandesha on Section 3(d) and Incremental Innovation from

Raj Gandesha, a patent litigation attorney with White and Case, New York, will visit NUJS on the 25th of this month (coming Tuesday) and speak on “Pharmaceutical Innovations: A 3-D Perspective”. The event will be ...

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Underwater Logging from

A story in the Globe and Mail this week reported on a project to harvest dead trees, including valuable teak and mahogany, from a man-made lake in Ghana. The total value of the wood is ...

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Indian High Court Rejects Bayer Complaint For Patent Linkage from

Indian generics manufacturer Cipla can get marketing approval for its generic cancer treatment Soranib, the Delhi High Court ruled Tuesday, and the Indian drug regulatory authority does not have to check its patent status first ...

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Reinstatement of UK patent applications from

The UK-IPO has this week issued a practice notice relating to reinstatement of patent applications, following Mr Justice Pumfrey's judgment in Anning's application [2007] EWHC 2770 (Pat). This attempts to clarify what happens ...

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Robotic Fish Farms from

Fish farming is under attack from environmentalists who claim that it pollutes bays and inlets and spreads infectious diseases like salmon anaemia. The main problem is that cages used in most fish farms are fixed ...

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t minus 50: Microsoft Requests Emergency Stay of Injunctive Relief from

i4i Ltd. v. Microsoft Corp. (Fed. Cir. 2009) On August 11, 2009, Judge Davis (E.D.Tex.) issued his final order in the i4i v. Microsoft patent litigation. That final order gives Microsoft 60 days ...

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Obscure Patents: Chastity Belts for Dogs from

Perhaps I am missing something, but I do not see a huge market for animal chastity belts. We have a dog, and we are dog lovers. We enjoy walking through pet stores and spoil her ...

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Ariad v. Lilly: Federal Circuit Grant's En Banc Request to Challenge Written Description Requirement from

Ariad Pharmaceuticals, MIT, and Harvard v. Eli Lilly (Fed. Cir. 2009) (en banc) The Federal Circuit has granted Ariad's motion for an en banc rehearing of its case. The motion boldly asks whether the ...

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Federal Circuit to Rehear Ariad En Banc from

Today the Federal Circuit vacated the panel's decision in the case of Ariad Pharmaceuticals v Eli Lilly, and granted Ariad’s petition for rehearing en banc. The parties are requested to file new briefs ...

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CAFC Grants Microsoft Expedited Patent Appeal in Word Case from

The plot thickens as the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an Order earlier today granting Microsoft an expedited appeal of its patent infringement loss to i4i Limited Partnership. In addition ...

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