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post image Stella's nude perfume in the pink with Floyd from

The Telegraph was first off the blocks with breaking news of this morning's court action in the dispute between Nude Brands Limited and Stella McCartney Limited (SML) over the former's right to stop ...

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post image Federal Circuit Rejects Challenge to Patent Rights Obtained Through Foreclosure from

Sky Technologies v. SAP AG (Fed. Cir. 2009) In an interlocutory appeal, SAP challenged Sky's standing to bring its patent infringement suit – arguing that ownership rights had not been properly transferred. On appeal, however ...

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post image Prosecution Disclaimer Applies Even if the Disclaimer Results in a Negative Claim Limitation from

RFID Tracker, Ltd. V. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Fed. Cir. Aug. 18, 2009) (nonprecedential)

In this case, the district court (Eastern District of Texas) entered final judgment of noninfringement after claim construction and a stipulation by ...

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post image ATRIP essay prize: it's not too late! from

Time is fast running out for those proposing to enter the ATRIP Essay Competition 2009 for young researchers in intellectual property law. According to information received by the IPKat from a highly reliable source,
"The ...

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post image Shopping for a forum: the RCLIP seminar from

The Research Center for the Legal System of Intellectual Property Center of Excellence - Waseda Institute for Corporation Law and Society (RCLIP) is, despite its university base and academic credentials, a practice-focused institution which focuses on ...

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post image Reissue Applications over Time from

In 2008, the patent office reissued over 640 patents – breaking the prior record of 630 set in 1875. The historic numbers of reissued patents are shown in the first chart below grouped according to year ...

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Estimated Workload of Preparing and Filing Reexaminations from

As part of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)), the USPTO is required to evaluate its methods of collecting information from the public. In a recent Paperwork ...

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MIT: Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Emphasizing a Mutually Beneficial Relationship between the Institution and Graduates from

In a recent presentation delivered at MIT, Professor Edward Roberts and Charles Eesley discussed the findings of a report that they co-authored on the role of universities in the level of success ultimately attained by ...

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Merck Wins Battle With Teva Over Singulair® Patent from

Following a bench trial concerning Merck's Singulair® patent, the court rejected Teva Pharmaceutical's validity and unenforceability defenses and concluded that Teva's ANDA applications infringed the patent-in-suit. "[T]he Court . . . concludes that Teva ...

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Employee Allegedly Assisted in Bilking $500k From the USPTO from

Michael H. Reid, A Fort Washington-area clergyman, has pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal nearly $500,000 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, with possible help from a USPTO employee. From the Washington ...

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CAFC Affirms That Patent Ownership (and Standing) Can Vest Through Operation of Law from

Sky Technologies, LLC v. SAP AG, No. 2008-1606 (August 20, 2009)

Sky's predecessor ("Ozro") executed an IP security agreement, where certain patents were used as collateral to secure loans. Ozro defaulted on the loan ...

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IPWatchdog Fantasy Football 2009 from

There is really no way to spin this as an intellectual property story, so I won’t even try. Are you ready for some football? The NFL football season is rapidly approaching and that means ...

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Geron blames air-bags for lack of progress?!? from

IPBiz has posted on Geron many times, including some rather interesting patent stories. A post on TheStreet on August 19 concerning an FDA clinical hold on Geron tests included some rather interesting text.

First, one ...

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Is a bazaar economy based on innovative technology? from

A thread at the 271blog, titled Revisiting the Presumption of Validity, and seemingly directed to Alan Devlin's 2008 law review article in Southwestern University Law Review, has re-channeled into a discussion of "why" Germany ...

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Merck beats Teva on Singulair in D NJ from

As had been predicted, Merck beat Teva on Singulair in D NJ in Trenton before Judge Garrett Brown, who previously had been involved in the Florida Prepaid Postsecondary case.

Text at Bloomberg suggested Merck prevailed ...

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The Independent Inventor’s Handbook from

Earlier this week I met with Louis Foreman, the creator, executive producer and lead judge of the Emmy® award-winning national PBS reality show, Everyday Edisons. Louis is also Chief Executive of Enventys, an integrated product ...

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Introducing Lambert & Lambert from

Over the last couple months regular readers of have probably noticed some changes to the site. One of the most prominent changes is the addition of Lambert & Lambert as an advertiser. Initially Lambert ...

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US 20090195392, Sony's laugh detector patent application from


Information in the form of emotional responses to ...

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Wal-Mart: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? from

Oh Wal-Mart. I can’t live with you and I can’t live without you. You are that big bad department store having driven one too many mom and pop shops out of business. Yet ...

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